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Monday, April 17, 2006

Rivermark - Nice place to stay (01-04-2006)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A visit to Intel Santa Clara (01-04-2006)

This is the first time I actually pay a visit to Intel's headquarter in Santa Clara.

Inside of Intel Museum, where the history of processor and the company's background are explained.

Well, not everywhere in Intel you can take photo. Here is a special photo location for the visitors. :P

Friday, April 07, 2006

Stanford University (26-03-2006)

A day after the visit to Santa Cruz, we decided to go to Stanford University after the "lunch disaster" which lead to cancellation of the visit yesterday.

The trip get a good start, where I was picked up at my hotel lobby at 10.00am. Then, we start our journey towards Stanford University. We follow every single instruction spoke out from the GPS and without a single glitch, we were in Stanford! This, probably because we doesn't use any Interstate freeway or highway which my dear friend will like to miss the exit. :P

With my little memories on Stanford University, we were able to find the nearest parking lots towards Visitor Center. The best thing about visiting Stanford University on Sunday is that you would not need to pay for parking. :)

As the walking guided tour will only start on 11.00am, we snap some photos around the area while waiting for the tour to be started.

At 11.00am, the walking guided tour started. There were 2 guides available, we just picked 1 and follow him.

The tour start from the visitor center where some explaination about the building - Memorial Auditorium. Then, the history about the Hoover Tower was explained - "Hoover Tower is part of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, a Stanford-affiliated public policy research center founded by Herbert Hoover, a member of the university's pioneer class of 1895 and the 31st president of the United States. Rooms on the ground floor of Hoover Tower contain exhibits of many items from President Hoover's career."

Then, we moved towards the front of the main quad. From there, the "Palm Drive" came into view. The palm tree had been there since the opening of Stanford University and there is a nice garden with nicely trimmed grass which provides student and visitor a resting and picnic area. Families were seen having nice time at the area all the times.

After the "Palm Drive", we moved towards the "Main Quad". This is a very unique area and also the main building of Stanford University. "Main Quad" is build from sandstone and consists of some department and also the famous "Memorial Church". The photo above shown part of the arch opposite "Memorial Church".

Me in the "Main Quad".

After a brief explanation on the "Main Quad", we moved towards the "Memorial Church". The church's wall are decorated with colorful mosaic which carefully arranged into drawings.

A closer looks towards the front of the church. the drawing on the wall are all drawn by using small pieces of colorful tiles.

Inside the church, there are lots of stained glass window, gold leaf decoration, stonework and a beautiful dome ceilings.

One of the stained glass window. All the stained glass window seems like carrying a different story by themselves.

One of the area in the church.

The pipe organ located on the first floor inside the church.

The main section in the church (Don't know what should I name this). :)

There are some bronze statue in the "Main Quad" area.

On the outside of the "Main Quad", we also found these interesting statue.

After visiting "Main Quad", the tour continue on to the engineering quad. On the way, I notice that there are lots of bicycle parking lot all around the campus. Seems like cycling is a culture in Stanford University. Well, I won't mind to cycle under the sun with cool wind blowing and low humidity too. :)

More bicycle parking lot......

The notice boards around the campus are really unique. It looks like a small tower with lots of advertisement and events schedule on it.

Outside of the engineering building, there is this "Time Table" which shows the time, day, month and etc......It is really cool and I believe most of the visitors are stunned with the design and also the size of the clock. However, too bad that currently it is malfunction. Hopefully it will be fixed soon to show its real power. :)

When the tours was about to end, we passed this crossroad with one of the oldest building in Stanford University.

Just across the road, the old clock tower standing still proudly telling visitors about the time. The clock is currently maintained by a group of volunteer engineers.

We were lucky as we were invited by the volunteer engineer who was working on maintenance towards the clock inside to have a view on the engine and have a short class on "How the clock work". It is amazing that everything is mechanical and a notebook actually used to calibrate the clock.

Our tour end near the student house area. I really amazed by how nice is the hostel and each of them have different design and characteristic. Some of them even have cooks to prepare student's meal.

After we had our lunch (which is a disaster and I'm not going to tell the story here. :P), as we went to get the car, we saw this nice area with nice trees, grass field and walkway. We stop to snap some photo.

When there is nice scenery and chance to snap nice photo, you won't care what is your pose. :)

We got into our car and then head towards the "Red Barn" - red color building which my friend said even more red than the "Red House" in Malacca. Well, when we reached the place, it appears to be an equestarian club hose with a mini golf course by the side. There is this horse statue at the entrance to welcome its visitor.

The area is guarded by nice wood fence.

There were lots of these antic car parking in the parking lot.

Some notice board to tell the visitors on the history and story of the "Red Barn".

Some members having nice time riding horse......this remind me the old time when I also got chance to ride on a horse......

"ta da!", the red color house more red than Malacca 1. :P

Me posing in front of the unique building as memories.
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