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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tambun - Paparich Express (Lost World Hotel)

Lunch at Tambun is not an easy task. We thought of came out from the Lost World and find something else to eat around the area. Too bad that there is not really much to eat within walking distance. Without much of thinking, we decided to drag our tired brain, aching body and the 2 sleepy cute little girls to the PappaRich express at the hotel. 

I heard of PappaRich for sometimes, but never really pay attention or interested to try it out. Firstly, the name doesn't really catch my mind. Secondly, thought that it would just like another OldTown like restaurant.

The first thing we walked into the restaurant is.....ah....air-cond! :P The place is cozy, with plenty of seats to choose from since everyone is just busy playing inside the Lost World at 2.00pm. I think only us are outside the theme park trying to find some peace to fill our stomach. :P

It is supposed to be self-service, but since there is not really lots of customer, we were served at our seats. :) Really nice......most likely pity us due to our super blur face after 4 hours of torturing at the pool in the theme park.

Ok, back to the menu. The menu is pretty simple, with only a sheet with 2 pages of food and drinks. I think that's why it has the "express" at the back of the restaurant's name. With the malfunctioning brain, this type of menu is really helpful, especially towards engineer like me (who always having issue decide what to eat for lunch from Monday to Friday).

There are porridge, western style breakfast set, nasi lemak, toast bread, curry mee......can't remember all of it.

After use up the remaining thinking power left in my brain, finally decided to order a fried rice for myself and a peanut butter toast for daughter #1. Wife doesn't really feel like eating with daughter #2 in her arms, so ordered a "Loh Mai Kai" for herself.

For drinks I got myself a cendol, wife strategically got a watermelon juice (as usual, the little girl will demand to share the drink).

Within minutes, order taken and it is time to wait for the food....Time for the workers to prove the words of "express" on the restaurant name.

The fried rice came first, surprisingly not the toast. :P It taste pretty good, especially eat together with the sambal chili.

Next is the toast bread with peanut butter. Little girl's favorite. Too bad she doesn't really seems like interested with it, most likely her brain is not functioning as

What happen when you have a bad daddy? I took away the toast and she starts to give the "look"......


Ok, pass back the toast and the smile is back to her face.....yay!

The "Loh Mai Kai"......wife don't really have mood and appetite to enjoy it. But it does taste good. :)

And......after some waiting, finally the cendol is served! Well, I won't complain much, it is supposed to be self service. :P

PappaRich Express @ Tambun:
GPS Coordinate: 4.6298, 101.1618
Facebook Fanpage: PappaRichMalaysia
Opening hours:  -
Address: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 PerakPhone numbers: 05-549 1355

Ipoh Old Town - Foh San Dim Sum

It is a nice weather Saturday morning, I was worried the previous night as it has been raining for the past 3 days. But the weather turns out well. We were on the way down to Tambun Lost World from Penang, and decided to stop by Foh San to have dim sum for breakfast.

It is quite a challenging task to have breakfast there. First, you'll need to find a car park. Then, you'll need to find a seat in the restaurant. :)

The second task is a lot tougher, especially with 2 kids. :P

The last time I was here is like 12 years ago, and I don't really remember how it was last time. So, it ends up a bit blur when we are at the restaurant. The commando aunty of the restaurant is nice enough to help me get a table after she saw us wondering around for half an hour. Really happy about it. :)

The restaurant is basically jam packed. It is another kind of experience where you need to stand by the table and wait for people to finish their food.

There are few counters served different food, the dim sum counter is actually at the entrance, with this special counter which serve the "zhu chang fen" and porridge. I ordered a porridge, but the size is really huge. There are also another "to go" counter, specially for those who wish to take back the food or rushing to another place.

The entrance, where all the important activities located, take dim sum, and pay. :P
It is really amazing how efficient is the the restaurant work flow. With crowds keep swamp into the restaurant, they still able to cope with the seating, foods and payments.

The service plate looks really nice, with the restaurant sign imprint on it, cool.......I personally think that it is more like a sushi plate.

The bun! My favorites for morning dim sum, especially the char siew pau!

Another must have, the egg tart. The filling is really generous, with the crispy thin outer layer, really a perfect match. Nice!

The porridge. Think twice before you order, especially if you are there with only 2 adults (like me). The porridge is nice, just that it is too much for 2 persons. :) Perfect if you have party of 4. :)

Porridge in a small bowl, I was actually expecting this size......well, hopes that next time they did serve the porridge in a smaller portion.

One of the main dish, the "siew mai".

The restaurant sign at the main entrance. :)

Foh San Restaurant:
GPS Coordinate: 4.5955, 101.0839
Facebook Fanpage: 富山点心楼
Opening hours: 
Mon:6:30 am - 2:30 pm
Wed - Sun:6:30 am - 2:30 pm
Phone numbers: 05-254 0308
Address: No.51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Queensbay Mall - Little Nyonya

I never fancy about Christmas, and I don't really celebrate Christmas all the while. But last year is a different year. I decided to give it a more special Christmas as it is the first Christmas after the 2012-12-21 (restart of Maya's calendar).

We spent half day at Queensbay Mall with the kids. Bringing them around, decided to queue for the Santa session. But the kids scared of the Santa. lol.....

It is around dinner time, we decided to give the new restaurant a try - Little Nyonya.

The restaurant are jammed pack but we managed to find a table. It tooks sometime for them to clean the table. It is expected as there are really lots of people.

The menu came in a short while. The content actually surprised me, as I didn't expect it to be in similar way like OldTown. But that is fine with me.

Satay, it has been sometime since I last eating one. So, decided to give it a try. :)

The staff busy, I mean super busy walking around serving food and taking order....

The surprise me another time. I didn't expect this restaurant is actually from the White House white coffee. :P

The curry mee.

Fish and chip for the kids.

Satay!!!! yummy!!!!

Gula Melaka cendol, miss it a lot.....nice!

The ever famous dishes everywhere - Nasi Lemak. :) I like the sambal.

So, the problem with lots of customer is that.....I got my order taken wrongly for 4 times. :P big deal, just that have to keep remind them about my order. :)

The Little Nyonya Cuisine:
GPS Coordinate: 5°19'59"N   100°18'24"E
Facebook Fanpage: --
Website: --
Opening hours: --
Phone numbers: --
Address: LG-117, 116 & 111, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Lepas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

Bukit Tengah - Stone Age Cafe

It is time to service my wife's car. As usual, I planned to send the car to the Mitsubishi's service center at Jalan Song Ban Kheng, at the Gemilang Business Center. Since it is during lunch time, I planned to eat around the area.

I almost went pass this restaurant everyday when I go for work, has curious about what kind of food being served in the restaurant. By the name, I would imagine something that coming from Flintstones era.

After sent in the car, I walked over to the restaurant which is just 2 shops away. The sky is drizzling, but I had the faithful Mitsubishi red color umbrella with me. No big deal, it has been a long time since I walked in the rain.

There is a little stage with the complete PA system and mic stand, seems like there are singers performing at night, most likely after 8.00pm but I didn't bother to ask about the details.

The setup of the place is like a limestone cave, which is pretty nice. The sitting layout is properly planned to suit either small group or large group of visitors.

It was October, so the cave is having Halloween mood all over...

It was around 12.00pm when I'm there. Just a table or two were occupied. I chose a seat close to the entrance, nothing particular, just that it is the first seat after I walked in. The menu shows its age, pretty beaten looks but still serve well as a menu. :P

The promotion menu. I scanned through the whole menu and decided to order something ala carte, instead of the set lunch. Not sure why, but I always has the perception that promotional items doesn't always taste as good as the ala carte menu.

I ordered a Stone Age Salmon with sides (fried rice, sweet corn and coleslaw). Originally thought of ordering a cappuccino or latte to go with the salmon, too bad that the coffice machine was out of order. So, I go for the original yogurt ice blended  instead.

While waiting for the fish, out of boredom, I looked around and wow, see what they did to the ceiling. :)

After around 15 minutes, and the salmon arrived...So, it is actually a hot stone grilled salmon. And it is kind of grilled it yourself type. :) It is really hot and if there are kids around, better handle with care.

It is quite fun to watch the salmon turning from raw to cooked. There are some spices and I believed is salt on top of the salmon. The waitress waiting patiently at the side while I photographed the salmon. After the photo shoots, she started to cut the salmon and flipped it. Apparently, it is just a little bit of grill it yourself needed. :P

The fried rice is a small portion. So, set your expectation right when you visit the restaurant. :)
Potato wedges, as usual, my favorite.

The coleslaw and the corn is just the usual stuff. Nothing more or less.

Tartar sauce and mayonnaise, my usual sauce to go with any kind of grilled/fried food. But this round, I rarely touch it. :) The salmon is just nice to eat as it is.

The yogurt ice-blended is somewhat a surprise. It actually comes with some "pearl" which is unusual with what is inside the buble milk tea.

The semi-transparent ball actually burst like a water balloon when you bite it. Not bad...
I still prefer a hot coffee. :P

After some grilling, the salmon is almost cooked. To me, the best part is not the fresh, it is the crispy salmon skin. :)

Ah, crispy and tasty salmon skin. :)

Timing is everything from design a chip to grilling a tasty salmon. So, pay attention when grilling it to perfect golden color.

Gone, everything must go. :P I ate the corn and wedges with the sauce.....but not the salmon. :P

The cashier, just beside the entrance. Pay and you may leave the restaurant. :)

Stone Age Cafe:
GPS Coordinate: 5°21'3"N   100°26'34"E
Opening hours: --
Phone numbers: --
Address: --
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