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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tambun - Paparich Express (Lost World Hotel)

Lunch at Tambun is not an easy task. We thought of came out from the Lost World and find something else to eat around the area. Too bad that there is not really much to eat within walking distance. Without much of thinking, we decided to drag our tired brain, aching body and the 2 sleepy cute little girls to the PappaRich express at the hotel. 

I heard of PappaRich for sometimes, but never really pay attention or interested to try it out. Firstly, the name doesn't really catch my mind. Secondly, thought that it would just like another OldTown like restaurant.

The first thing we walked into the restaurant is.....ah....air-cond! :P The place is cozy, with plenty of seats to choose from since everyone is just busy playing inside the Lost World at 2.00pm. I think only us are outside the theme park trying to find some peace to fill our stomach. :P

It is supposed to be self-service, but since there is not really lots of customer, we were served at our seats. :) Really nice......most likely pity us due to our super blur face after 4 hours of torturing at the pool in the theme park.

Ok, back to the menu. The menu is pretty simple, with only a sheet with 2 pages of food and drinks. I think that's why it has the "express" at the back of the restaurant's name. With the malfunctioning brain, this type of menu is really helpful, especially towards engineer like me (who always having issue decide what to eat for lunch from Monday to Friday).

There are porridge, western style breakfast set, nasi lemak, toast bread, curry mee......can't remember all of it.

After use up the remaining thinking power left in my brain, finally decided to order a fried rice for myself and a peanut butter toast for daughter #1. Wife doesn't really feel like eating with daughter #2 in her arms, so ordered a "Loh Mai Kai" for herself.

For drinks I got myself a cendol, wife strategically got a watermelon juice (as usual, the little girl will demand to share the drink).

Within minutes, order taken and it is time to wait for the food....Time for the workers to prove the words of "express" on the restaurant name.

The fried rice came first, surprisingly not the toast. :P It taste pretty good, especially eat together with the sambal chili.

Next is the toast bread with peanut butter. Little girl's favorite. Too bad she doesn't really seems like interested with it, most likely her brain is not functioning as

What happen when you have a bad daddy? I took away the toast and she starts to give the "look"......


Ok, pass back the toast and the smile is back to her face.....yay!

The "Loh Mai Kai"......wife don't really have mood and appetite to enjoy it. But it does taste good. :)

And......after some waiting, finally the cendol is served! Well, I won't complain much, it is supposed to be self service. :P

PappaRich Express @ Tambun:
GPS Coordinate: 4.6298, 101.1618
Facebook Fanpage: PappaRichMalaysia
Opening hours:  -
Address: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 PerakPhone numbers: 05-549 1355

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