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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ipoh Old Town - Restaurant Onn Kee

安记芽菜鸡, one of my favorite restaurant in Ipoh. All the times I preferred this shop compare to 老黄.  Both are the famous shop for the same dishes on the same street. I ate both before, Nothing in particular, just my personal preference. The only thing about eating here is the parking. It takes some effort and times before you can find a car park on the street. If can't, can try to park at the neighbouring street as well. Just remember there are "someone" guarding the car park, so need to pay a small fee of RM2 to RM3 after you are guided to the parking space.

The restaurant is located on Jalan Yau Tet Sin, there are a few shoplot with the same name along the street. They are all the same restaurant, most likely their business is too good and has been keep expanding to cater for the crowd.

I always prefer to go to the original shop, it just make me feel better to eat there. The original shop is a corner unit that you'll not miss it when you drive/walk along the street. Becareful if you are driving as people are sitting on the road as well to enjoy the meal.

I ordered 金吉for the drinks. Need this after a whole day of playing around in the Lost World with 2 kids.

Ordered half bird of chicken for wife and myself. A little too much for 2 tired adults. But it does taste good as the good old days.

Of course, taugeh is a must. If not, how to tell people I ate 牙菜鸡 before? :P Somehow I felt the taugeh is not as big and fat as before. It is served cold, as well as the chicken.

There are choices of rice or rice noodles (koay teow in hokkien, hor fun in cantonese), I always go for koay teow, like to have it with the chicken and taugeh. The hot soup couple with the cold chicken and taugeh, It is the best combination for a meal. When it is served, I wonder why it seems like lots of soup and very little koay teow......

When I start to flip around the noodles with chopstick, gosh......there is really lots of noodle in a bowl. The taste of the soup is very light, it goes well with the strong taste of taugeh's soy sauce.

Restaurant Onn Kee:
GPS Coordinate: 4.593970,101.083920
Facebook Fanpage: Onn-Kee-Restaurant
Opening hours:  10.00am to 2.00am
Address: 48,51,53 Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Phone numbers: 012-556 6669

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