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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Penang Times Square - Haven Delights

I had never step into Penang Times Square before this. Invited by my colleagues, I decided to go for this together with a few of them through the Groupon's deal. From most of the review I could get online, it seems like it is another nice place to go for buffet style other than Tao. It is never harm to try something new and we are in the mood. So, go for it!

Fortunately my colleague is with me in the car, or else I'll be having trouble to find the parking area. :P lol.....not really go to Jalan Datuk Keramat's area often. :)

Well, with the guidance, it is easy to find the restaurant. 

The restaurant is located at Level 1, besides the upcoming Tao restaurant. We noticed Tao is under renovation when we are on the way to the restaurant, which is exactly just beside it.

The restaurant is opened daily from 10.30am until 11.00pm. Which means they served lunch and dinner.

There are some nice decoration near the entrance. Most of it are Chinese related statue.

There are also some figurines around the corner...

The seat arrangement are neat and comfy, not bad.

As usual, I'll look at the ceiling after sitting down at the table. The deco lighting is really interesting. The place is pretty well lit, but I'll still like it to be a little bit brighter.

Restaurant view from the other side. There are few kinds of seating arrangement which suit from 2 persons to 8 persons. So, no worries about how many companions you bring to the restaurant. :)

If you called earlier to reserve the seat, this is basically what they'll place on your table. :P

The menu cover is made of PU, has a leather like feel. The restaurant logo is printed in gold. Looks pretty classy.

Inside the menu, there are plenty of foods to order. But becareful with your choice, some are not worth to try out.

The order sheets on the table. Fill it up and hand it to the waitress for the order.

This is what you get in returns. An order sheet which can be as long as it gets. :P

After hand in the food order, the next thing to do is definitely go for the starter and drinks. The drinks counter is at the most inside of the restaurant.

There are 3 types of drink served: green tea, mango and orange. I just test out the mango and orange. The color of the green tea is a bit too much for me. The drink is typical, nothing special about it.

The salmon salad, which is the appertizer. It is self-service, so you might want to grab it fast or needs to wait for the next refill. We are there pretty early, not all the self-service food are ready yet. At first we thought there are really too small portion prepared. Later on there are more of it appear on the table. :)

The fruit served is watermelon, forgot if there are other types of food. Usually I go for watermelon anyway. :P

Nice decoration at the bar area......

The sashimi, not bad...I prefer Tao's sashimi. :P

The wasabi comes with the sashimi, it doesn't has the strong taste of wasabi.

Forgot what is this already. :P

Shishamu Karaage, not good. Not recommend to order.

Dragon fruit pork, the looks is really different from what is shown in the menu. The taste also ok only.

Tempura, not to say bad, just ok.

One of the dishes which taste ok - Edamame.

The octopus, I had never like this. So didn't try it.

Abalone, taste good.

The green mussel grilled with cheese! My favorite! This is good. :)

Hmm.....what is this dish already? Lol, really too many types of food. Can't really remember all. Next time need to note down properly. :P

Another dish which I can't remember the name, but it doesn't taste good.

Grilled scallop with cheese. Best! We ordered this dishes more than 3 times. :)

Chawan mushi, avoid it at all times. We regretted to order this......

Tried another type, still the same......not good...

Grilled lamb.......can't believe it can be like that. There is really a need to improve on the food quality.

Overall, for RM28.00 Groupon deal, I'll say it worth a try, but don't expect much on the service and the food quality.

I think I won't step into this restaurant again unless I got the news that the food quality had improve. Well, it has been sometime since I visit this restaurant, it might be better now. :)

Haven Delights:
GPS Coordinate: 5°24'42"N   100°19'33"E
Facebook Fanpage: -
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 10pm / Sat – Sun: 11am – 10pm)
Phone numbers: 04-210 1857/014-664 7856 (Suraj)
Address: No. 77-L1-34, Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang Times Square, 10150 Penang

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New World Park - Kuchi Japanese Restaurant

It is like few months back when I visited this restaurant, has been busy with works and studies. As now is semester break, finally got sometime to clear the backlogs. :P

It was a night where I had to think hard on where to have dinner alone after drop wife at 32. She was having dinner with her fellow colleague. I don't really had any idea what to eat and where to eat. So, I just go and park at the parking lot of New World Park and start my food hunting mission.

Well, it was Thursday night, I thought I would get some local food from the hawker stall but it was closed! So, I walk towards the front and think of just getting something from OldTown.

Well, I felt a bit bored and walk like a zombie with no clear direction. When I was near the stage, I was greeted by an open aerobics class! This does cheer me up a bit and restore some of my energy.

So, now I'm in the mood to try a restaurant that I had never try before. So, I scout around and notice this restaurant - Kuchi which serves Japanese food. So, I decided to give it a try.

A closer look at the signboard. I'm not what is the real meaning of Kuchi in Japanese, but it does sounds cool......

The decoration and ambience of the restaurant is nice and the place is quite cozy. It is really a nice place to hangout and relax. When I walked in, there are really not many customers, maybe due to it is still a weekday night.
The view from my seat, can see the kitchen at the back.
The decoration of the restaurant. There are really lots of wine bottle on the rack.

Close up of some of the wine bottle. Weird that the left one should be Chinese wine? Hmm......

I found out that the lighting is quite interesting...
The seat is quite comfortable, as I chose to seat on the side which is a wooden bench, there are cotton cushion for you...
The culinary usual, the soy sauce, toothpick, bamboo chopstick and the paper napkins.
The menu.
The promotion dinner set menu. There are plenty of choices to choose from.
It is a cold night, so choosing my favorite ramen will be a better choice. :)
The Gyoza and Kimuchi Ramen set, it comes with Vitagen as well.
Ah, the ramen. Nice! I actually like this more than the Yataimura's Gekikara Ramen.
The gyoza, I still prefer Aji Nippon's gyoza. Too bad that restaurant closed down already.
The salad, I'll say this is standard at most of the Japanese restaurant. The differences here is I can notice that the chef did extra by arranging the ingredients to a flower.
Vitagen, bring back memories of my childhood. :)
As usual, I'll like to order some snack type of food to go together with my main meal. It is Flammulina wrapped with thin slice of pork meat, grilled to perfection with teriyaki sauce. Nice!
A close look at it. I forgot what is the name of the dish already. It is the first time I ate this. It cost around RM10 for 3 in a plate.
I can't believe myself actually finish up everything I ordered. Glad that I chose this restaurant instead of OldTown.
Kuchi Japanese Restaurant:
GPS Coordinate: 5.420345,100.326738 (5°25'14"N   100°19'37"E)
Facebook Fanpage: Kuchi Japanese Restaurant
Opening hours: 11:30am-2:30pm and 6:00pm-10:00pm
Phone number: 04-228 5176
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