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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

4 SCC PG Gathering at "Rush Jimmy" 27-02-2006

Sick for a week, missing meeting my dear old friends at Wee Chea's place and also his babies, I decided to have this dinner cum gathering at "Rush Jimmy" in Bayan Baru.

It has been a few months back since we updating each others news even though some of us are working in the same company (:P). My life has changed a bit especially after "DotA" entered my life. (If you want to know what DotA is, go to DotA) :P

As usual, a few photographs taken and the first I'll like to put here is......1st 4SCC baby - Titan & Papa

Second, of course our most intelligent, hardworking and lansi Mr. Sam......
And FYI, he got a new car and a new house. :)

Third, our most talented, heavyweight (CGPA & KGs) and charming Mr. Lai......

Lastly, our 2 most beautiful 4SCC gals in PG. :P

As finale, I present you again with "Titan & Papa".

Hopefully the next gathering, we will have our ironman aka superbird and family guy with us.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wedding gown try out

Today, is the day where we went to try out and choose the preferred wedding gown at Aspial.

When we reached the place, it is full packed. It seems like there are lots of couple getting married that day because we saw a few bridal car parked outside the shop compound.

It seems like a few couples are asking for price and a couple just came back from outing. We had been guided to sit aside and wait for our turns to try out the dress as all their staff were busy. After a while, an auntie came to brought us upstair to try out the dress. She is very professional and had give us lots of advise and even help us on choosing the gown to try out.

As she seems very professional and very experience, I had a little chat with her where I found out that she is in the business of altering clothes and fashion design for nearly 30 years! I felt so lucky that someone so professional is actually helping us. All the dress she help us to choose looks nice on my wife. It is tough to select 3 wedding gown and 2 evening gown from dozens of nice dress. Finally, we managed to choose and the whole process took us around 1 hour. It was a pretty fast process as I know from some of my friends that it took hours. Or maybe we are "chin chai" type of people. :P

After that, we went downstairs to have a cup of water and getting some instructions on what to wear and bring on the day of shooting from 1 of the staff. Then, we went back home and have dinners. :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday morning - surprise...

After a day leave for Bridal House shopping, I'm back to my cubicle in the company. There are 2 surprises awaited, a new IP phone and a new Linux box. I'm really surprise and delighted to see these 2 stuff as they are useful for me. The phone will let me know who calling (next time might can have a headset for easier support jobs) and the linux box can ease my eyes (don't need to strain my eyes due to not enough colors on SUN Solaris machine) and give me more processing power which will definitely help to speed up my testing work and supporting work.

Nothing to say, but happy.

Finally, we found the preferred bridal house

We has been undecided for almost 2 weeks. Then, we took a day leave from work on Thursday to get around the city for the bridal house hunt.

The night before, in order not to be disappointed and wasting our time, we went on the internet to search for some information and also view the sample photos by some bridal house (if there are any available). Finally, we shortlist 3 of the bridal house we wish to pay a visit before making any decision.

Early morning on Thursday (not really early though, around 10.50am), we start our hunt by went to the first destination - Shalom Bridal House. On the way, along Jalan Bagan Jermal, we passed our 3rd destination - Milan Bridal House and we decided not to visit it anymore as the photo on their web did not impress us.

As No. 33, Jalan Kelawei (address of Shalom) is an unknown to us, we went along the whole road starting from the Gurney roundabout. After a while, when we spot it, we felt so nervous yet excited. We turned in and parked inside their compound, walk in and there was no other customer around, only us! So, we were invited to sit down and viewing through the sample they passed to us. The sample photos are nice, very natural and very balanced color. The quality is high and we are satisfied with it.

After the photo viewing, they brought us up stair to have a look at their wedding gowns and evening gowns collection. And we a bit surprise that they had different class of gowns - VIP and super VIP. I felt like buying bus ticket. :P Basically the different is that the super VIP gowns are new and the VIP are not so new. I felt shock when they told me if I want super VIP gowns, I would need to add around RM600.00 per dress. Phew...this is lots of money.

After looking at the gowns, we went back downstair and talk about the package. The price is okay, not bad and the package is okay to us as well. After a short discussion, we decided to go to our second destination first before deciding - Aspial Bridal House.

So, we go towards Burma Road for Aspial. When we reached there, we found out that the shop was closed, so we go to Macalister Road branch. This place, looks grand and modern, with a plasma tv sit on the wall of reception area, gave me a bit of scared of the price they are going to quote me.

With the same procedure going on......view sample photos (where most of them are my colleagues), looking at their wedding gowns and evening gowns collection, then finally the package. As I thought, it is more expensive, but they had made their efforts by putting in lots of extra stuff inside the package. The best part of it was that they told us they don't have class for all their dress. So, we can choose anyone we like no matter is new or not. Well, as I told them that I knew some of their customers (my colleagues) and I was there because of my colleagues recommendation, after a while of bargaining and changing this and that (they are quite flexible), we decided to take up the package as everything is included. Eventhough it is RM400.00 more compare to Shalom package, we felt satisfied with it.

After a while of chit chatting about my colleagues and paid the deposit, we left the place in happy mood. We went to Prangin Mall for shopping (Wife want to search for a pair of shoe) after that...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Parent's Visit to Penang

During last weekend, my parents had come to Penang for a visit. While the main purpose is to go to Alor Setar to meet my wife's parents to ask for her hands, we also went around to see see in Penang. Well, after the main task has completed, which ended up in 4 words (Hokkien) "kan dan kan dan", we brought my parents around after half day of rest.

On Sunday, we went to have a look at our new house, which is still under-development. It had been a long time since myself went to inspect the progress. We had been receiving letters of the progress but don't know that a new house can really looks so nice (This is my own house, sure I say nice, okay?).

This is how my house looks like. :) A 2 storey, 4 bedrooms terrace house. While it is completely build, we still need to wait for the authority to approve the OC.

We walking around in the "residential area", which seems to be quiet and nice. :)
After the visit, we went back to Penang island and had lunch at the famous "Bayan Baru market". :P

After 20 years lap, my parents are back visiting the "Snake Temple" again. Here, they are posting happily in front of the temple for photo. :)

The snakes resting/sleeping inside the temple. The amount of snake has reduced a lot compare with last time we visited the place. Last time, the snake seems like everywhere and countless while now it is only left a few...
However, the place is still an attraction to tourists, I even saw "kanji" written on some notice board.

We took a short rest here....

Taking a short walk around the garden at the back of the temple.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pantai Kerachut - Year 2002......An old story

Viewing through the old photos and found out an interesting place where we visited in year 2002. "Pantai Kerachut", a State Government Nature Reserve site, full with flora and fauna, with a beautiful beach and soft sand, is a perfect place for exercise, camping, old friends meeting and family outing.

In order to get to the beach, visitors have 2 choices - hire a boat or hike in. We chose the later as to exercise our body and enjoy the nature beauty.

On the way, we had to pass through uneven path where we need to climb up and down.

Signboard located half the way in which provide 2 routes for visitor to choose.

Some indication on how far we need to move on before reaching the destination.

Some ferns spotted on the way...

Wetland situated just beside the beach.

Cross the suspension bridge and you'll reach "Pantai Kerachut"!

We, the happy couple taking photo on the beach. :P


Another sunset....

The small jetty on the beach....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Gathering with ex-schoolmate

Yesterday night, I attended a gathering at jb's home, expecting to meet only my coursemate, surprisingly to meet some of my ex-schoolmate as well. It has been years since the last time I met those guys/gals.

It was a nice gathering, with a nice steamboat dinner. Everbody ate a lots...
However, 2 of the KL coursemate gals FFK, and they were the 1 "say loud loud" want to come. :P

Hopefully, next year will be able to meet with them again.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

1st Day of CNY

After sleep late last night, it has been tough to wake up early this morning. My mum and dad, who have slept later than me, however manage to wake up earlier and go to temple to pray.

After lunch around 2.00pm, we start our journey to Johor Bahru to visit my grandma and aunty. This year is more special as my second brother is in UK, my sister take over his role as car driver. So, I drove my second brother's car and my sister drove mine. After a 2 hours journey, we reached our destination - Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.

It has been a tradition for us to travel down to visit my grandma during CNY since 3 of us (brothers) bought cars. Mum will always bring lots of homemade cookies, mandarin oranges and etc... for my grandma. Besides that, some will also goes to my aunty who always provides accomodation to us.

This year, besides visiting grandma and relatives, we also get chance to go shopping at the largest "Jaya Jusco" located in Tebrau City (Which is near to my cousin's house). Too bad my second brother and sister-in-law is not here, if not, they will be happy to shop there. Hehehe....

Okaylar, that is pretty much of how my 1st day of CNY.
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