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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wedding gown try out

Today, is the day where we went to try out and choose the preferred wedding gown at Aspial.

When we reached the place, it is full packed. It seems like there are lots of couple getting married that day because we saw a few bridal car parked outside the shop compound.

It seems like a few couples are asking for price and a couple just came back from outing. We had been guided to sit aside and wait for our turns to try out the dress as all their staff were busy. After a while, an auntie came to brought us upstair to try out the dress. She is very professional and had give us lots of advise and even help us on choosing the gown to try out.

As she seems very professional and very experience, I had a little chat with her where I found out that she is in the business of altering clothes and fashion design for nearly 30 years! I felt so lucky that someone so professional is actually helping us. All the dress she help us to choose looks nice on my wife. It is tough to select 3 wedding gown and 2 evening gown from dozens of nice dress. Finally, we managed to choose and the whole process took us around 1 hour. It was a pretty fast process as I know from some of my friends that it took hours. Or maybe we are "chin chai" type of people. :P

After that, we went downstairs to have a cup of water and getting some instructions on what to wear and bring on the day of shooting from 1 of the staff. Then, we went back home and have dinners. :)

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