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Friday, March 31, 2006

Random shot at Santa Cruz


Morning feast......


Cliff and ocean......

No dogs allowed......

Three tree......


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Santa Cruz 2006 Continued... (25-03-2006)

We were sitting in the car outside of Santa Cruz Boardwalk and thinking any interesting place around there to visit, and we end up with searching "Place of Interest" on the GPS. Well, we manage to find a place which we interesting for - Lighthouse Point.

On the way, we passed the coast line and there was this nice and well maintained church. We decided to stop for a while and shoot some photos.

On the opposite of the road, there is this tall statue which telling all the visitors :"Hey, come and have fun on wave surfing!!!".

And at another side across the junction from the church, the signboard simply told us that we are in the "Lighthouse Field State Beach" area.

After the short stop, we continue to our destination - the Lighthouse Point. When we reached there, it was so lucky that there was 1 parking left for us.

This wonderful light house was built in 1868. As it is near the coast where the cave beneath it was eroded and threatened the light house. In year 1879, the light house was placed in rollers and moved about 300 feet inland.

As the light house is near the cliff, the view is just spectacular. There were lots of sea birds flying around as showing off their flying skills to the visitors.

There were also lots of extreme sports lover having fun by kayaking or surfing waves on the cold pacific ocean water and savouring the cool sea breeze. Well, I'm not really enjoying as the breeze makes me shiver and my hands and ears were freezing.

Then, we walked down the staircase towards the beach. At the beach area, there we saw a most extreme sports fans. He was setting up for surfing the wind on the sea!

On the wall of the cliff, something had surprised us. There is a well crafted art work on the wall of the cliff.

When we saw the arc at the most front end of the cliff, we got so excited. We attempted to walk to the nearest accessible beach area and have a nice photo session there. On the way back to the staircase, our feet were soaked with cold sea water when one of the strong waves swept onto the beach.

That conclude our visit to Santa Cruz. When we were back in the car, as the day is still early (2.00pm), we decided to get another place to visit. We searched the GPS and not managed to get anything interesting on it. So, we decided to head towards Stanford University. But before that, we'll need to take our lunch as it is late.

As not knowing what to eat, I had suggested "Maruichi Ramen" at Barber Lane in Milpitas. So, after entering the address into the GPS system, we started our journey to the nice hot ramen.
When we reached Saratoga area, we decided to take the trunk road towards the destination. We end up turning around between Interstate 880 and 280 due to the slow human hands response towards GPS instructions and directionless driver. :P So, after half an hour of turning here and there, we were back at El Camino Real.

As we were already near to Stanford University, we decided to simply get a restaurant and fill our stomach. Well, the briliant Mr. Sam suggest to go to 1 of the buffet restaurant he went twice before. So, we went along El Camino Real to find the nice buffet retaurant.

End up we were not manage to find it as my dear clever friend don't remember the shop's name, color, building......Basically, he don't remember anything about the shop and he wanted to bring me there! This reminds me of his great adventure from Cerok Tokun to Simpang Empat which a 15 minutes drive took him 2 hours on the highway. Sigh...

So, we end up eating lunch in this sushi house next to Safeway at El Camino Real.

It was late after we finished our lunch, so we decided to visit to Stanford University on the next day.

Conclusion: There is always lots of story to tell when I went out with him.

Revisit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk (25-03-2006)

As we could not think of a better place to go, Mr. Sam and me decided to go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk to take some photo.

After taking our breakfast, where Sam's toasted bread at Hawthorn cafe had bring the fire engine to the hotel, we started our journey towards Santa Cruz.

With a handy GPS in the rental car, the way to the place is just a piece of cake. We reached there around 10.45am, right before the theme park start to operate at 11.00am. Well, the entrance is free and it is just beside a beach with the fisherman's wharf next to it.

When we are near the destination, we came across this junction with the "Welcome" sign just at 1 of the corner.

So, we started to shoot photo from outside until inside. We started to take photo from the outside along the street.

Just came down from the car, even it is the second time I was here, the scenery of the street still amaze me. The place is so organized, clean, colorful......

Another view which shown the roller coaster in the theme park. I'm not a fans of these kind of thrill stuff, especially after the experience of the Jurassic Park and The Mummy Returns ride in Universal Studio last year.

After admiring the street view for around 10 minutes, we start to walk into the theme park. At each entrance, there is this nicely placed signboard to welcome all its visitor.

When we were inside the theme park, there were only a few visitors around the area. All the stall and ride were still in preparation. We moved towards the plaza area where there are shops and fun park located.

Outside of the indoor fun park, there is this the last existing "Laffing Sal" which amazingly still working fine.

While we were feeling boring, we noticed this very advanced device sitting quietly beside the staircase towards the beach. After some study on the device, we realized it is a solar powered trash compactor. I wonder when will Malaysia will have these types of devices available.

After that, we started to walk to the other side of the theme park. The cable car make a circle around the theme park area, which gives passengers view of the whole theme park and also the deep blue sea.

There are lots of game stall and all of them having these cute soft toys hanging on the walls of the stall. I wish I could have each of them. :P

There is this giant black spider hanging on the top of the haunted house. We didn't go to any rides. Why? Because it needs money. :P

One of the souvenir store have this nice signboard. I believe it will attract lots of teenager to the store....Oh ya, it did attract us as well. Sam spend some time inside the store to find himself a key chain.

The rocket high roller coaster rail. I felt goosebump when I saw it. Hmm......looks like I'm really old, cannot take all these extreme stuff anymore.

We walked towards the beach where we were attracted by a whole group of birds (don't know if these are migration birds). They were all searching for foods and sometime will flied together when strong waves came in. The scenery is superb. We stayed there for quite some time and took dozens of photo.

This photo gives you a general view of how big was the crowd. :) The wind was blowing so strong that we could see the sands being blown across the beach.

One of the dead shell fish attract my attention. It looks so nice and so perfect, so I press down the shutter release button to store it as a memory...

Well, before we left the place, Sam went to 1 of the souvenir store and finally he managed to get a key chain. That ends our journey to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

To be Continue......

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hong Kong Airport 20-03-2006

20 Mar 2006, Monday. Hong Kong International Airport.
The flight CX720 touched down around 1.00pm in the afternoon. I was on the way to the gate for the connecting flight towards San Francisco. I decided not to take the shuttle and walk towards the departure gate.

This was the 3rd times I'm here and I really like the environment as there are lots of shops for me to do some window shopping.

And when you feel sleepy and tired, there are few Starbucks where you can rest and recharge yourself with the house brew coffee.

When I reached Gate 26, I saw a familiar name - "Nagoya" and "Ming Gu Wu" in Mandarin. I forgot which famous shop carry the same title but the name is just familiar to me. :P

1 of the artistic showcase along the departure gate. This make the airport feel more alive.

Even the telephone booth were special...

The advanced public phone. I'm not sure if myself know how to use this.

1 of the notice board. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found out that there is "Banana Leaf" restaurant in the airport as well. :)

Who ever watched "Chong Shang Yun Xiao" will remember the Long Bar. Yes, this is the lounge for Cathay Pacific First/Business class passenger.

When you feel bored in the lounge, go to 1 of these station and watch TV. You can select your flight and it will alert you when boarding.

A plane parked at 1 of the terminal. This is view from the lounge.

Rolex everywhere in the airport to remind you of the time. :)

Noodle bar in the lounge...Get any type of noodle you want.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Touch down in US......(March 2006)

Hello, all dear brothers and sister. I'm here in US safe and sound, please help to tell mom and dad as I still didn't get the calling card.

It had been a busy day yesterday to unpack all my stuff and get used to the weather and surrounding as I'm staying at another place. So far, everything looks better than last visit.

Monday, March 13, 2006

My New Phone - Motorola C390

As my current handphone is not triband, which means not able to use in foreign country, I decided to get a cheap and good handphone with triband. With no intention of bluetooth, mp3, gprs and bluetooth headset, I was surprised to be able to get 1 with all these feature included but only cost me RM399.00.

This nice black color phone - Motorola C390 has blue backlight for keypad and a nice color screen (of course is not as nice as those high end). I felt so excited as this is the first phone I ever own to have a color screen and also have a chance to use a bluetooth headset. It is really convenient especially when I'm driving or lock my phone in the drawer. :)

The box of the phone, it is pretty small and light. Unfortunately, there is no extra phone casing bundled with.

The phone, black in color with silver finishing keypad. The phone feels solid in the hand.

The free bluetooth headset, silver in color. It will be nice if it is in black to match the phone. But no complain here since it is free. :)

When the phone and the headset side by side, aren't they beautiful?
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