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Friday, November 25, 2005

A Morning Trip to Penang Botanical Garden (19-11-2005)

Early morning on last Saturday, I had sent my car for schedule service. After that, my girl friend and I had pay a visit to Penang Botanical Garden. It has been long time (a few years back) since our last visit to this green lung of Penang.

When we reach the entrance, it was a nice memories refresh...It just look the same as few years ago. Nothing much has changed at the entrance. The good part of it is that the entrance is still free.

The Municipal council has been nice by putting a map of the park just right after the entrance. There are details on every section of the park and also the route we can use to walk around the park.

Once we pass the gate, a nice long and straight walk way waiting there to welcome its visitor. There are families everywhere, including......

Near the entrance, there are some unique trees standing by the side of the road......It is named as "Cannon Ball Tree". The tree is full with brown and round shape of fruits dangling from the top of the tree.
All the visitors are curious with these tree as it is something rare to be seen in Penang. In fact, until now I just seen it in Botanical Garden in the whole Penang Island.

Suddenly, the surrounding is darken and the sky is full with cloud......This is when I notice a pretty fun scene. The dark had come and go in just a few minutes time. We continue with our walk around the park.

The first attraction came into our eyes is the Palm Tree Section. There are lots of difference species being plant within a small area and some are quite interesting.

This particular unique palm tree which is growing following a curve shape has attracted us.

The park has been well maintained and clean. Even the trash bin are clean and looks fresh. Hopes this scenario will not just stayed in the park and extend towards the whole city.

Most of the plant in the park carried a tag which identified the species and name of the plant. The picture shown above is a teak from Africa (From the name tag it should be......:P)

There are plenty of nice flower all around the park, this purple flower (I forgot the name as there are too many names to remember) is pretty nice and there are lots of bee surrounding it.

Another interesting flower is this 1 where it is plant along the stretch of walkway head towards the White Bridge. Its star shape yellowish flower with a single white leaf had attacted me. As there is no name tag around it, I had no idea on the name of the flower.

There is a artificial waterfall near the White Bridge. There are kids having fun near the waterfall. They even post for photograph. :P

The Cactus House was closed while we are in the park. So, no chance to have a look on the inside.

Just near the White Bridge, we had witness a harmony moment where the love of a mother shown on nurturing the child.

The plaque on the bridge has explain on the history of the bridge.

On the other side of the botanical garden is a nice landscaped garden.

On the way out, there is a new garden which is well landscaped with this nice and clean white coloured water fountain.

Lastly, presented here is the front view of the latest Botanical Garden site which located just beside the main entrance. This conclude my morning trip to Penang Botanical Garden.

Finally.......Streamyx! Thanks, Telekom...

Today I successful to setup streamyx for my pc. Eventhough through a lots of trouble before came to this point, I'm satisfied with the connection speed of streamyx. It is really blazing fast (For now).
Today has been a pleasure day for me, everything just smooth and nice (even on my job).

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Still no news from Telekom

After 3 days waiting and there is still no news from Telekom. Sigh......when only I can use my phone again? The only thing I can do is just wait and wait and wait......planning to call their contractor instead tomorrow. Hopes they can bring some good news to me.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Disaster with TMPoint

Duelling with Telekom has been a disaster for many years until I start to work 4 and a half years ago. By then, I decided to stop using Telekom telephony services and switch to mobile phone provider - Maxis.
Last month, due to the needs of broadband connection at home, I decided to subscribe (again) to Telekom fixed line services and plan to subscribe to their Streamyx broadband connection as well.
The telephony services is only available last Friday after some havoc (including 3 times TMPoint visits with each time spend ~1 hour, 1 complaint through their webpage and paying RM50.00 to the contractor for connection). After using it for nearly 1 week, the telephone went DEAD!!! There is no dial tone at all. Nothing I can do about it except file a fault report through their webpage (again...sigh) today.
There is no news from them yet and the only thing I can do is praying hard...

There is a scared in my heart that Streamyx will be harder to get it work as a simple fixed telephone service also can be problematic.

Telekom Malaysia, can you beef up your services???

Friday, November 18, 2005

First day with Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens

The first day with my new Canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens has been great! I had never expect the difference of the color and sharpness of the photo to be so different compare to the kit lens come with 350D. Now this lens is always attached to my 350D.
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