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Monday, November 21, 2005

Disaster with TMPoint

Duelling with Telekom has been a disaster for many years until I start to work 4 and a half years ago. By then, I decided to stop using Telekom telephony services and switch to mobile phone provider - Maxis.
Last month, due to the needs of broadband connection at home, I decided to subscribe (again) to Telekom fixed line services and plan to subscribe to their Streamyx broadband connection as well.
The telephony services is only available last Friday after some havoc (including 3 times TMPoint visits with each time spend ~1 hour, 1 complaint through their webpage and paying RM50.00 to the contractor for connection). After using it for nearly 1 week, the telephone went DEAD!!! There is no dial tone at all. Nothing I can do about it except file a fault report through their webpage (again...sigh) today.
There is no news from them yet and the only thing I can do is praying hard...

There is a scared in my heart that Streamyx will be harder to get it work as a simple fixed telephone service also can be problematic.

Telekom Malaysia, can you beef up your services???

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