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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Padang Lalang - Pak Hainan Restaurant

We have been passing this restaurant for quite a few times, each time also wondering what food will be nice in this type of shop. From the outlook, it looks something like "Old Town", so we had no interest to walk into the shop and have a try.

Well, since we had out of idea on where to have dinner, we decided to give it a try, especially after the big newspaper ad shown in "Sin Chew Daily". :P

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The front signboard of "Pak Hainan"

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
There is even a story of the "Pak Hainan" written on the first page of the menu.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
A nice poster on the wall.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Kopi "O" Gao...It is really very thick. :)
Well, there is brown sugar provided...

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Malt + coffee Ice...Nice! I love it! The taste is like Horlicks + coffee, the sweetness is just suite my taste.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Toast bread, the bread is a bit different as it is brown color. This is something that you must order if you are there.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The things that you cannot miss everytime you go to some coffeshop. :P

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Chicken rice ball, the rice a bit too hard, the aroma is too faint for my taste.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The Hainan style chicken, just taste normal.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The nasi lemak, taste quite ok, the the chili is not hot enough.

Overall, the price is ok, not too expensive and the taste is normal, nothing that is spectacular.
Environment is good for gathering and family.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Seberang Prai City - Black Canyon Restaurant

Black Canyon Restaurant, I had been passing it everytime I went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Mertajam, never really pay attention on what exactly the restaurant is, but it gives me a feel that it is a fusion restaurant. But then, after we (my wife, my little baby daughter and I) went into the restaurant and look at the, it is actually "International Thai Cuisine". This really surprise us as we are aiming to order something like fish & chip, pasta, chicken chop & etc...

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
The outlook of the Restaurant at the Seberang Prai City. As we were there, we were great by a nice looking foreign guy with a nice english accent (even better than me). This is another surprise as I was expecting the normal local restaurant type of greetings and servings. To say the truth, it is even better than the Chicago Rib House (My own feel lar).

As we got the menu, we flip through it (this is when we found out it is an "International Thai Cuisine" restaurant) and finally we decided to eat some sort like the "煮炒" style. So, we ordered a bowl of chicken tomyam soup, a egg wrapped vegetables, a tuna sandwich appetizer (it is actually to please my daughter so that she sit there and doesn't jump here and there) and 2 white flagrance rice.

As for the drinks, we ordered a chocolate drinks (my wife) and a cup of mexican coffee (ordered as the cup looks cute. :P).

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Chocolate drinks with cream on top.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Shoe cup mexican coffee. It tastes good!!!

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)

Here it comes the appetizer, tuna sandwich with fries. Well, McDonalds fries still the best!
The tuna sandwich is nice and fillings as there are really lots of tuna stuffed in it.
My daughter managed to grab 1 piece and mess up the table. :P

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Nice little flag on the sandwiches.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Well, the sign of Black Canyon Coffee. The sign actually make me thought it is a franchise from US. But then, it is actually from our neighbour country - Thailand!

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Tomyam soup, taste so good, so different with local tomyam. My wife even said it tastes like what she had in Thailand before.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Egg wrapped vegetables, it tastes good.

Lastly, the price is quite ok, the tomyam soup is actually cost us only around RM10.00 (forgot the exact prices) and the whole meal is around RM50.00. If you are there, give it a try, you won't regret. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Juru Auto City - Chicago Rib House (2nd visit) - The restaurant has been closed down

This is the 2nd visit to Chicago Rib House at Juru Autocity. We choose the same seat as the previous visit.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Well, for non beef eaters, don't worry, Pork ribs sold here! By this, means that it is a non-halal restaurant.

So, since this is a 2nd visit, we ordered some different choices from the menu. For drinks, we chose Pina Cadala and Cranberry Juice.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Pina Cadala. Pina Cadala is a mocktail where it is a mix of pineapple juice and "Cadala". It is ice-blended. It taste just nice as it is not too sweet, with a mild pineapple taste. If they can blend the ice finer, it will be even better.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Cranberries juice. It looks very red, but then the taste is not over.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
As for the starter, we ordered fried mushroom. From the looks, it seems like the mushroom looks tough and dry, but when you bite it, you'll find the mushroom inside is actually soft and juicy, plus the crispy outer layer, it taste nice.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Close up looks at the fried mushroom.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
The Mayonaisse sauce come with the mushroom. Well, with the fried mushroom dip in the sauce, it enrich the taste of the fried mushroom. What I can say, it is a perfect match.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
This is how it looks like when you dip the fried mushroom in the sauce.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
And this is how you eat it. My wife really like this. :)

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Well, it is the time for main dish. Eventhough we ordered ribs before, what is the point going to a rib house without ordering the ribs? So, my wife ordered a St. Louis pork ribs combo with chicken strips. When you order a combo, you can choose a side dish, where my wife order her beloved mash potatoes. Oh ya, the combo default come with coleslaw.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Ribs ribs ribs!!!!! The half ribs come with the combo set.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
The chicken strips come with the combo set. This is really surprise me, since I had taste a lots of chicken strips, this is the best I had ever taste it. The outer bread layer is thin, which means when you eat it, you really can taste the chicken, not only the bread.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
The default coleslaw, it is much nicer than the KFC. The taste of the mayonaisse is lighter.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
The mash potatoes, it is nice, if you went there, must try!!!!

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
The sauce for the chicken strips, it taste like cheese dip, but not sure.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Well, I ordered a thin crust pizza for myself. This time it is roast pork pizza with cheddar cheese. When it just served, we found out the smell is a bit weird. Well, it is not the case anymore when you eat it. :P The smell is actually the cheddar cheese smell.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Closer look at the pizza, you'll realized that it is overdosed with the cheddar cheese (which is perfectly fine with me).

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Can you spot the roast pork? :P This is a closer shot to the center of the pizza.

Sauces provided......(Well, in my opinion, it is absolutely unneccesary to serve the sauce at all)
From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Heinz Tomato ketchup.

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Heinz chilli sauce

From Chicago Rib House (20-09-2008)
Tabasco pepper sauce provided for the pizza.

Well, we don't use any of the sauces at all. The food there is nice!!!!!!
Just that beware of the price. :) It cost us around RM100.00 for these.
Anyway, we got a 10% card for the next visit, which probably will be after 3 months time. :P

Restaurant: Chicago Ribs House
Halal: No
Add: 1688-G8, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City North-South Highway, Juru interchange, 13600 Prai, Penang
Tel: 04-5013938

Friday, August 15, 2008

QBM - Yataimura Restaurant

Since the first time we went to Yataimura Restaurant at Burma Road 2 years ago, we had been longing to revisit the restaurant.

As the restaurant setup a new branch in Queensbay Mall, we decided to pay it a visit. When we arrived at the restaurant around lunch time, it is still early and not really that much of customers inside the restaurant.

The ambience in the restaurant is not bad, just that it seems to be a bit cram inside the restaurant. There are not really a lots of sit available around. And near to 12.30pm, we can see that there are a long queue outside the restaurant. We were really stunned to see the queue. So, if you plan to go to the restaurant at lunch time, better be early. :)

The nice wet tower provided by the restaurant to clean hands and face before eating.

The hot green tea is served in a nice porcelain cup.

I ordered the Gekikara ramen (medium hot), and my wife ordered a Kyushu ramen. :P

Here it comes, the Kyushu ramen.

Happy wife with her ramen. :P


Finally, here it comes my Gekikara ramen!!!!!!

Another view of the ramen. I highly recommend Gekikara ramen with super hot. The medium hot is actually not really not enough for my standard. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Alma, Bukit Mertajam - Carnation Restaurant

Location: Carnation Restaurant, Pusat Perniagaan Alma, Bukit Mertajam

We had notice this restaurant since we move to our new house in Bukit Mertajam. Just a few blocks away from our home, the outlook of the restaurant give us an impression that this restaurant have bad business. Well, since we always get the brochure of the restaurant and we had out of idea on what we should eat, we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located in Pusat Perniagaan Alma, Bukit Mertajam. It is along Jalan Rozhan, after passing "Nasi Kandar Fanur", at the traffic light, turn left and pay attention to the shop houses on the right. It is a small restaurant yet with nice ambience and the food is quite ok.

The restaurant serve both western and chinese food. Well, we are targeting the Western food as the chinese food really caught us in surprise when we flip through the menu.

The Western food come in set or Ala carte. We ordered 2 sets - Honey Tempura fish and Honey Chicken. :P The set come with a bun, a bowl of mushroom soup, a drink ( water melon juice, chocolate, guava or honey dew), the main course and a dessert (jelly or ice-cream). The dessert and drink choices depend on the set you order.

The restaurant is not big, around 7 - 8 tables, with nice light ambience, friendly workers and best thing, they even have membership card. :P I asked my wife to sign up for it. :P What you get from the membership card is 10% discount, special member menu, 2 free "banana boat" ice-cream voucher, free jelly cake on member birthday celebration. Well, you need to pay for the membership which is RM10.00.

The bun is served hot with butter provided. There are 2 in the photo as we ordered 2 sets.

Well, the mushroom soup is not that great, it taste like the Campbell mushroom soup. However, it is definitely better than Pizza Hut.

The chocolate drink can choose to be served hot or cold. I chose cold and it turns out to be very nice. The chocolate taste is very thick despite all the ice in the glass. It is full when it served. I forgot to take the photo first and end up taking a few mouthful of it first.

Honey dew juice, quite tasty.

The main course, Honey chicken. It is served on a hot plate together with fries, baked bean, vegetables and a sunny side egg. Below the chicken there are a few slices of cucumber as well. It is sizzling hot when it served, which makes it looks really good and tasty.

The Honey Tempura fish.

Well, it looks really cute. This is a very creative dessert where the cone is cut into half and the base is used as a hat to complete the "clown" look. :)
It taste like normal ice-cream, but I'm sure all kids will like the outlook of it.

Another dessert, fruit jelly. There are a few slices of different fruit at the bottom...

The set meal cost RM18.80 per set, we didn't order anything extra as it is enough to fill our stomach properly.

Well, if you are in the area and don't know what to eat, this might be a good choice. :P
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