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Monday, October 27, 2008

Seberang Prai City - Black Canyon Restaurant

Black Canyon Restaurant, I had been passing it everytime I went to Jaya Jusco Bukit Mertajam, never really pay attention on what exactly the restaurant is, but it gives me a feel that it is a fusion restaurant. But then, after we (my wife, my little baby daughter and I) went into the restaurant and look at the, it is actually "International Thai Cuisine". This really surprise us as we are aiming to order something like fish & chip, pasta, chicken chop & etc...

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
The outlook of the Restaurant at the Seberang Prai City. As we were there, we were great by a nice looking foreign guy with a nice english accent (even better than me). This is another surprise as I was expecting the normal local restaurant type of greetings and servings. To say the truth, it is even better than the Chicago Rib House (My own feel lar).

As we got the menu, we flip through it (this is when we found out it is an "International Thai Cuisine" restaurant) and finally we decided to eat some sort like the "煮炒" style. So, we ordered a bowl of chicken tomyam soup, a egg wrapped vegetables, a tuna sandwich appetizer (it is actually to please my daughter so that she sit there and doesn't jump here and there) and 2 white flagrance rice.

As for the drinks, we ordered a chocolate drinks (my wife) and a cup of mexican coffee (ordered as the cup looks cute. :P).

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Chocolate drinks with cream on top.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Shoe cup mexican coffee. It tastes good!!!

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)

Here it comes the appetizer, tuna sandwich with fries. Well, McDonalds fries still the best!
The tuna sandwich is nice and fillings as there are really lots of tuna stuffed in it.
My daughter managed to grab 1 piece and mess up the table. :P

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Nice little flag on the sandwiches.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Well, the sign of Black Canyon Coffee. The sign actually make me thought it is a franchise from US. But then, it is actually from our neighbour country - Thailand!

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Tomyam soup, taste so good, so different with local tomyam. My wife even said it tastes like what she had in Thailand before.

From Black Canyon Restaurant (25-10-2008)
Egg wrapped vegetables, it tastes good.

Lastly, the price is quite ok, the tomyam soup is actually cost us only around RM10.00 (forgot the exact prices) and the whole meal is around RM50.00. If you are there, give it a try, you won't regret. :)

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