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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Queensbay Mall - Sakae Sushi

I had been to Sakae Sushi for n times, just that not sure what is the reason, everytime I was there, I'm cameraless......finally, here comes one and only time (until now) I brought a camera with me to the restaurant.

Before the appearance of Sakae Sushi, I always go to Sushi King for the sushi and handroll, as there is no alternative for it in Penang. I particularly enjoy sitting near the kaiten belt and wait for the sushi to go pass one by one infront of me, and then snap the one that I was waiting for...

Well, Sakae Sushi brings another kind of the experience to me, with its concept, everything is before my eyes, I don't even need to talk to the waiter/waitress to order anything (perfect for an introvert like me) and eat peacefully without the needs to ask for green tea refill as well. :P The best the RM2.00 salmon nigiri, too bad that it is gone, it is now cost RM4.00 per plate. :P

Queensbay Mall Sakae Sushi outlook, it is located on the 3rd floor at the center atrium. it is just beside Xian Ding Wei Restaurant. If you coming down or up from the escalator at the center atrium, you won't miss it. You need to be early especially on Friday for lunch or dinner, or else, you'll need to wait for the seat. Yes, it is always full.

As we are there early, we were guided to our seat immediately, seat number 24, a 2 persons table, just beside the kaiten belt. :P

The good thing about Sakae is that, the kaiten belt will visit every table. So no matter where you sit, you'll get to enjoy the sushi passing by infront of you.

The only time you'll get a waiter/waitress to take down your order is just right after you sit down, where you'll get to order your drink first. They have quite a number of varieties in terms of beverages.

Which!!! :P Just that it is expensive to order, and I don't drink hard liquor. :P

So, as usual, Genmaicha!!!! It is RM2.00 and it can last until your stomach is full with sushi.....

So, here we go to prepare the genmaicha. First, put the tea bag into the cup....

Second steps, look for this thing at your table. It is the tap to fill in the hot water into the cup. The only thing I always worried about this "feature" is that when you have kids sitting with you, you'll need to take extra care, as the water is really hot.

Last steps, fill it up, this is another part that I don't like. Sometimes, the latch is pretty tight and it is hard to control the flow of the hot water. And 99.9% there will be some dripping onto the table action happening.....

After settle the drinks, it is time for food. Here is the fun part. Every table is equipped with a monitor and a mouse. The whole menu is on the screen, just click and click and click for the food you want...

Both of us like to eat sushi, but there is a headache part, as sushi is not cheap, we need to think hard and eat within the budget.....:P Wife is thinking hard to order what for this round. We decided to go for some special maki which we never try before......and of course the new RM2.00 nigiri......forgot what is the name already.

While waiting for the food, it is time to screen through the table and see if there is anything special on offer or not. On each table, it is the notice, to tell all the customer that, the salmon nigiri is now RM3.99.......

The monthly special, which if you have Sakae membership card, there will be discount for it.

The soy sauce plus wasabi, the best to go with sushi.....

They will prepared the wet tissue at each table, but if you don't want it, you can just tell the waiter when you asked them to finalized the bill at the table. :) This is nice as some of the restaurant force you to pay for it. :P

I ordered a miso soup (RM1.99) as it has been a long time since I drank it. :P

The new RM2.00 sushi, forgot what is the name but I had order 2. It taste quite good actually.

Here come the special maki -> Ebi Tempura Cheese maki. Nice! It is quite pricey (RM12.90) but worth it. :P
Even my wife who hate prawn say nice......

Woft Shell Crab Crepe roll (RM6.90), another favorite dish of us......

The aftermath of our lunch at Sakae Sushi......

You can immediately apply for a Sakae Card at the payment counter or renew as well. It cost RM20.00 for the application/renew but they'll give you 20 Sakae point immediately which equals to RM20.00 of can use the point to offset your next bill. :)

The payment counter, I had always want to get the bedroom slipper......but still never get it. :P

Queensbay Mall:
GPS coordinate: 5°19'59"N   100°18'24"E
Sakae Facebook fanpage:
Sakae Sushi webpage:

Lunas - TanKee Roast Duck Restaurant

After so many years since the first time I ate this, finally I pay a visit to the shop again when my sis request for it. As I don't really remember where is it, I totally relying on the Garmin to bring me there. It is around 30 minutes from Alma and I nearly miss it as the signboard of the shop already change color from the age. :P

The outlook of the shop, if you coming from Bukit Mertajam, it is on your left. The shop is huge so you won't miss it. The signboard has a faint pink color now from the fresh red long time ago.

It is a simple shop, with a stall hang with the roasted duck and lots of table...

The worker busy chopping on the roasted duck...

Not sure if the worker is a foreigner or local, but he is really good at it, and not only one, i think there are a few of them who can chop the duck like a pro...

We reach the shop around 1.00pm, and these? Gone in 30 minutes.......yes, it is really fast gone. So, be early to avoid disappointment. The shop opened from 11.00am to 2.30pm.

Once we are there, we just choose a table to sit down, and then the worker came to take the order. There are 4 of us with both my daughter, so we ordered half bird of the roasted duck, braised eggs and taugua, with a bowl of chai buay. You can choose either rice or porridge to go with the meal. As we are extremely hungry, all of us go with the rice. :P

You choose the sambal chilli or the chopped bird's eye chilli.

The sambal......

There are also braised egg and taugua to go with the duck.

And of course, chai buay is a must!!!!

Then the duck is served, the skin is crispy and the meat is soft, nice!

The sauce to go with the duck.

Of course, we need a drink...this is the herbal drink served.

Happy baby has a taste on the duck...

Of course the older sister is happy to go out!!! :)

Lastly, how much does it cost for a meal of 4 person? The answer is.....RM24.00. It is cheap!!!!

TanKee Restaurant:
GPS Coordinate: 5°25'44"N   100°32'5"E

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Gurney Plaza - Chicago Rib House

Ever since CRH Juru Autocity closed down, I had been hoping they'll reopen either at Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall. And here they are, back on business in Gurney Plaza. It is located at the old Manila Place, which is along the same stretch as the Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Just walk along that stretch and you'll not miss it.

Since the return of CRH, I had been wanting to revisit the restaurant and chew on the juicy ribs again. :P And of course, the mocktail pina colada.....

The place at Gurney Plaza is smaller compare with Juru Autocity, but the business is much better. The crew are much more friendly and you'll feel a bit like TGIF style. :P

The menu, the content looks almost the same, with some differences.

The best changes they had made....."Kids eat free everyday!" :P

Decoration around the restaurant...

The bar......

Are you the loyal guests of CRH? :P

Waiting for our order....

Pina Colada mocktail......highly recommended!

Cranberries juice.

Fish & Chips for the kid. :) It is simple but is sufficient for a kid below 12. :)

Happy face, when the food arrived...

Another happy face.....

Half ribs for wife. Seems like they had improve on the ribs, it is more juicy compare to last time.

Ribs and salmon combo meal.

Closer look at the salmon, it is grilled lightly, so there is still part of the salmon flesh still raw, which make the meat taste juicy. For me, it is perfect. :P

Nyam favorite pork ribs.......

Water boiled broccoli, for the healthy heart. :P

Buttered rice... is makan time! :)

After previous experience, we didn't order any appertizer or dessert. Fortunately we didn't order any, as I had to help finish up the kid's meal as well.

I must be back to eat the potato skin and fried mushroom!!!!

Lastly, if you are going there, especially on weekend and public holiday, make sure you call for reservation first, as it is always full of people. :)

GPS Coordinate: 5°26'14"N   100°18'34"E
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