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Friday, September 02, 2011

Jalan Padang Lalang - Swenz Cafe

After bringing the baby for jab, thinking of going for a brunch at Pak Hainan, when we walk to the restaurant which is just 2 shops away from the pediatrician clinic, I just realized that it already changed name. It is now Swenz Cafe. Well, I just give it a try since it seems like same concept with Pak Hainan.

When the waiter pass us the menu, I saw that there are actually 3 branches around Butterworth area, and I saw a new one coming up at Taman Gemilang Permai there.

Closer look at their logo, it looks so cute!

There is a huge wall paper explain on the objective of the restaurant. I didn't read it through since I was sitting farthest from it.

Not much changes of the interior since Pak Hainan...

Grade A restaurant, which means it is clean and safe enough. :)

Since it is a brunch, so I ordered breakfast and lunch together. :P Firstly, a try on the coffee...taste ok, nothing  spectacular or extraordinary.

Toasted bread with kaya and butter, my usual favorite for breakfast.

Fried rice for lunch, it is nice! Try it out if you are there.

"Kam Hiong" chicken rice. Not bad.

Swenz Cafe:
GPS coordinate: 5°21'53"N   100°26'42"E

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