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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Queensbay Mall - Xian Ding Wei (Taiwanese Tea Room)

We had been seeing this restaurant for sometimes, but never thinking of giving it a try as after looking at the menu, it is a bit pricey. While we are out of idea on what to eat on a special day, we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located at the central area 3rd floor, just beside the famous Sakae Sushi restaurant. You'll not miss it since it is just beside the escalator.

Once we seated, the waitress bring us the menu...

Well, as usual, just like most of the restaurant, they also has special lunch set for you.

We order the chef recommendation set, the M8 (Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 variety of sauces set) and M9 (Taiwan-Style Sweet and Sour Pork set). There is one very interesting lunch set that I think I'll want to try it next time, which is the vegetarian set (variety vegetables steamboat set).

Now come the best part, if you order 2 lunch sets, you'll get a free dessert FOC (snow ice)! I chose braised pork rice to go with my M8 set while wife choose white rice for her set.

While waiting for our food, I quickly check around the restaurant and found out the decoration is really the back is a clear glass where you can see through and look at all the chefs busy at the kitchen.

Decoration on the wall, lots of black and white photos. It is really nicely decorated. The area is closed so I didn't walk and see what is exactly inside the photo. But it looks like a story telling of the shop...

When I look at the setup of the chopstick and spoon, it looks normal. Then I take another look, the chopstick and spoon all has the nice printing of the restaurant logo.

Another view....

After I took up the spoon and chopstick, only I found out the special holder they have beneath. And it has 2 functions, to hold the spoon and chopstick, and as a source plate as well. :)

Sauces prepared by the restaurant, so many type.......:P

What should we do while waiting for food? As usual, pull out the smartphone, surf surf surf. :P lol......oh ya, there are free wifi provided by the restaurant, remember to get the password from any of the waitress. :)

M8, yummy, serve in a metal pot.

Look at the fire, so the food is sizzling hot, nice!

Close up at the chicken...

3 types of side dishes and a bowl of soup, come with the set meal.

The braised pork rice, nice!

M9, the white rice with some black sesame toppings. :)

sweet and sour pork, nice...

The FOC snow ice, we ordered the black sesame flavor. It taste nice, not too sweet, but we not able to finish it, too full......:P

This is what happens after the meal, :P everything empty......except the snow ice. :P

How much does it cost? It is around RM50 (including tax) for 2 set lunch. It is a bit on the high side, but the food is good. So, it is worth to give it a try. :)

Queensbay Mall GPS coordinate: 5°19'59"N   100°18'24"E

Friday, June 17, 2011

Queensbay Mall - Oldtown

While waiting for my wife (which I have around 40 minutes to kill), I decided to go for a cup of white coffee at OldTown QBM.

Since it is around 4.30pm, I'm still eligible to take their MyTea menu, which is much cheaper than the normal price. Remember though as the MyTea menu only available from Monday to Friday, 3 - 6pm.

I had a cup of white coffee with add on of 2 pieces of toast bread with kaya and butter. The total cost is RM5.90, it is better than go for starbucks or coffeebean. :P

Toast bread or iphone? Make your choice. :P

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sg. Tiram - Joo Leong Cafe

There is this famous breakfast and dinner place around the FIZ Bayan Lepas that I had been to for quite a few times, the only thing is that I never notice what is the name of the shop all this while, until I finally found it on the google -> All these while, we had refer to the coffee shop as "两片两粒" (In Hokkien), which means "Dua keping Dua biji" in Malay. Why is it called that way? Later you'll know. :P

Every morning breakfast time and evening dinner time, when you are on the way to Penang airport, you'll cross a stretch of the road where there are lots of car doing all sorts of illegal parking on the roadside, and some even double parking which took out the most left lane of the road. Is the food really that good until you willing to risk receive a saman? My answer is -> THIS IS A SHOP YOU CAN NEVER MISS IF YOU ARE IN PENANG. :P

The outlook of the shop, it is a very authentic old coffee shop which selling breakfast and dinner. I always like the breakfast there because it is nice and most important -> cheap! If you going there during weekend, you possibly need to working hard to find a parking and wait for your seat.

While all the franchise shop come with fancy and nice menu, they have very simple single huge menu nailed on the wall where every table can see it clearly. Check on their price, so cheap......

I ordered black coffee ala old coffee shop style, it just feel not right not to have coffee together with toast bread and half boiled egg.

My wife with her favorite iced Milo.

Ok, now come the explanation of the "dua keping dua biji". The shop is famous for its white bread and half boiled egg, and it always come is a pair for each item, which means it is pretty standard that everyone come to this coffee shop to order 2 pieces of toasted bread and 2 half boiled eggs in a cup. :P

The bread is the main selling point during breakfast time, as the white bread is homemade, which means it is made by the shop owner, not source from any place. It is toasted with heavy margarine on top, which makes it salty. There are sugar at each table readily for you to add on the toasted bread, so you can customize the sweetness of the bread to your liking.

I personally prefer to add the sugar while the bread is still hot, as I enjoy looking at the sugar melted on the bread. Don't know why, I just like to watch that process. :P

Now, come to the next best favorites of the shop -> "Dua biji", the half boiled egg. There is nothing very special about it, but I like the portion of the half boiled egg. It is just nice and won't be overdose like the "Omega Egg" that those more expensive chain coffee house like to use. One thing I'm not sure if it is actually "kampung chicken's egg". But with the price they charge it, should not be. :P

Now they have extra variants for breakfast, there are nasi lemak on the table, fried beehoon and mee on the counter to make your breakfast even more interesting. :)

While we waiting for our breakfast, we got treat of 2 Tambun biscuits by the seller outside the shop. :P

Below is the information gotten from the website
Breakfast is served from 6.20 am to 11.30 am while dinner is from 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm.

Joo Leong Coffe Cafe
179-H, Sungei Tiram, Bayan Lepas
Penang. West Malaysia.Tel (1) : 010-4124865
Tel (2) : 012-4984865

GPS coordinate: 5°18'7"N   100°16'34"E

D'Piazza - Cina Muslim Restaurant

Whenever I wish to bring my Malay friends for food in Penang, it is always give me some headache. As I don't want to always just bring them to the Malay Restaurant or vegetarian food, I need to work hard to search for other varieties which are Halal (Certified by JAKIM). For the recent (actually few months back. :P) team gathering lunch, we found out a rather interesting halal restaurant at D'Piazza Bayan Baru, which is named as "Cina Muslim Restaurant". It is really not easy to find a Chinese operate halal restaurant, and this is the first one that I actually bump into in Penang.

The entrance. The frontage of the restaurant is not huge, so you'll need to pay attention to notice it. The restaurant is actually 2 storey. If you have a big crowd, you can choose to go upstairs, there are plenty of seats up in the 2nd floor.

The sign with ancient Chinese writing.

Certified halal, so eat carefree at the restaurant for Muslim. :)

We ordered the package on the menu, and we actually prebook it so the food served in a shortwhile once most of us reach the restaurant. This is the fried sotong.

Spicy chicken in a pot, taste quite nice. The most important, I didn't feel it is that spicy, so it should be ok for everyone to test it out. :P

Steam rice. It is unlimited and you can eat as much as you like.

Tofu with vegetable.

One of my favorite dishes, Chinese Napa in hot oil, garlic and chili. It is soft and melt in the mouth. Nice!

Deep fried string bean with chicken minced, spicy and salty, but nice...

Quick boiled fish with special sauce.

Special deep fried mutton chop. It looks nice when it is served, but not sure why not really a favorite dishes for us. It is a bit dry and too salty to my taste.

Deep fried brinjal with spicy sauce, nice nice nice!!!! A must try!!!! This is the first time I ate this type of dishes.

There is another prawn dish which we finish it before I manage to take a photo of it. :P The whole meal is enough for 10 people and it cost around RM200++.

70-01-12A & 14, D'Piazza Mall,
Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru,
11900 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-6443718

GPS coordinate: 5°19'36"N   100°17'0"E

You can also call them up or e-mail them for reservation and enquiries:
1) KL Ong 016-553 1423 ;
2) Hashim Ismail 012-433 2718 ;
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