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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Queensbay Mall - Xian Ding Wei (Taiwanese Tea Room)

We had been seeing this restaurant for sometimes, but never thinking of giving it a try as after looking at the menu, it is a bit pricey. While we are out of idea on what to eat on a special day, we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located at the central area 3rd floor, just beside the famous Sakae Sushi restaurant. You'll not miss it since it is just beside the escalator.

Once we seated, the waitress bring us the menu...

Well, as usual, just like most of the restaurant, they also has special lunch set for you.

We order the chef recommendation set, the M8 (Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 variety of sauces set) and M9 (Taiwan-Style Sweet and Sour Pork set). There is one very interesting lunch set that I think I'll want to try it next time, which is the vegetarian set (variety vegetables steamboat set).

Now come the best part, if you order 2 lunch sets, you'll get a free dessert FOC (snow ice)! I chose braised pork rice to go with my M8 set while wife choose white rice for her set.

While waiting for our food, I quickly check around the restaurant and found out the decoration is really the back is a clear glass where you can see through and look at all the chefs busy at the kitchen.

Decoration on the wall, lots of black and white photos. It is really nicely decorated. The area is closed so I didn't walk and see what is exactly inside the photo. But it looks like a story telling of the shop...

When I look at the setup of the chopstick and spoon, it looks normal. Then I take another look, the chopstick and spoon all has the nice printing of the restaurant logo.

Another view....

After I took up the spoon and chopstick, only I found out the special holder they have beneath. And it has 2 functions, to hold the spoon and chopstick, and as a source plate as well. :)

Sauces prepared by the restaurant, so many type.......:P

What should we do while waiting for food? As usual, pull out the smartphone, surf surf surf. :P lol......oh ya, there are free wifi provided by the restaurant, remember to get the password from any of the waitress. :)

M8, yummy, serve in a metal pot.

Look at the fire, so the food is sizzling hot, nice!

Close up at the chicken...

3 types of side dishes and a bowl of soup, come with the set meal.

The braised pork rice, nice!

M9, the white rice with some black sesame toppings. :)

sweet and sour pork, nice...

The FOC snow ice, we ordered the black sesame flavor. It taste nice, not too sweet, but we not able to finish it, too full......:P

This is what happens after the meal, :P everything empty......except the snow ice. :P

How much does it cost? It is around RM50 (including tax) for 2 set lunch. It is a bit on the high side, but the food is good. So, it is worth to give it a try. :)

Queensbay Mall GPS coordinate: 5°19'59"N   100°18'24"E

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