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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bayan Baru - Poh Meng Durian

After staying in Penang for 10 years, finally I make up my mind to tryout Balik Pulau durian. While I was try to find out where to eat the durian at Balik Pulau, I found out from my colleague that there is a stall selling Balik Pulau durian in Bayan Baru, which make my plan to eat durian during lunch is possible!

The stall is near the traffic light outside of the Pantai Mutiara hospital, opposite the Bayan Baru Fire Department. Look at the crowd during lunch time.

The sign is pretty small, so you need to pay extra attention to notice it. If you coming from Pantai hospital direction, you won't be able to turn right to the durian stall, so the way I use is go through Sunway Tunas and turn back into jalan tengah to get to the stall. There are limited parking around the place, so be patient when finding parking, the durian won't run away. The stall open daily from 1.00pm until 10.00pm. There are 2 rounds of durian delivery from the Balik Pulau's durian orchard, first time is 12.45pm and second time is around 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

Lunch time durian, first round of delivery...

More durian!!!

Special machine...for....

Open durian!!!! :P According to the aunty, the machine is more suitable for people like me (noob at open durian). Really thank you to the aunty for taking the hassle to demo it to me. She is really nice and carefully pick the durian for me. She inspects the durian carefully and if there is any cracks on the durian, she'll change it without hesitation.

This is how pro open up the durian, aunty say open like this is much faster than using the machine. :P

小红(little red), a variance of the famous 红虾(red prawn). It is cheaper and tasty as well.

The flesh of 小红.

Closer look.

Another variance of 红虾, 坤宝 (kun poh). The thorn is short and fat. The durian is much bigger as well. I like this the best, the taste is very near to 红虾, but the price is cheap.

Nyam nyam, the flesh is a bit pinkish and thick, value for money!

Closer look at the durian. :)

One of the famous and expensive type, 葫芦(Hor Lor). It is longish and has a thin skin. The flesh is yellowish and lighter taste.

The flesh of Hor Lor...

Closer look at Hor Lor...

Look at the skin of Hor Lor durian, it is very very thin...

Poh Meng Durian Bayan Baru:
GPS coordinate:  5°19'15"N   100°16'50"E


rubijum said...

Do you have the phone number of this stall

Haesbich said...

Try this: 04-8661385, I found this number in one of the photo after blown up the photo to full res.

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