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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Butterworth Sunway - Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant

Whenever we have a special day to celebrate, especially in Penang mainland area, it is tough to get a nice fine dining restaurant. The only one that I had know of is the Bandar Sunway Victoria Station.

Until recently saw this article in TheStar, only I realized that there is another fine dining restaurant just a few shops away from Victoria Station Bandar Sunway.

The outlook of the restaurant. If I didn't read the article, I think I'll never walk into the restaurant, since it doesn't looks like a place for a family to hangout. :P

Closeup look at the signboard, it looks more like a pub but don't be fool by it. It is a place suitable for everyone, including family gathering!

The front door of the restaurant, nicely design and decorated.

The restaurant operating hours...

Inside the restaurant, there are 2 setups, the high table and the normal one. this is the high table. The lighting is not as bright as the photo, I need to +2EV in postp to get this. :P

Another view of the high table. As you can see, the chair and the table is extra high. I choose to sit at the normal table as I was there with my kid.

The decoration near the bar....

The restaurant is based on Beatles theme, so there are lots of The Beatles poster and photo everywhere in the restaurant.

Including the ceiling! So, if you are Beatles fans, enjoy the ambience and environment at the restaurant.

If you need a drink with friends or family, don't worry, they got serve wine as well. :)

The bar at the far end of the restaurant, they serve German beers as well.

The menu nicely place on the table...

The menu...

If you have no idea of what is written in the menu or lazy to read words, there are also photo for you as reference...

The setup of the table is nice as well, with culinary sets placed nicely on the table. The napkin is also nicely printed as well.

After ordering, there is some time and we snap around the restaurant. :)

When I browse through the menu, I saw they serve Irish Coffee!!!!! Without second thought, I immediately place the order for it. :P While I was not a drinker, but I has a fascination to try it out after reading one of the mandarin books about it. :P

Closer look at the Irish Coffee.

I ordered mushroom soup for the appertizer, it comes with a slice of garlic bread which is nicely toasted.

The mushroom soup is nice, it is one of the nicest I tasted before other than Fisherman Grill. :)

The main course, lamb shank for me. When it comes to lamb, I always cautious to order as lamb is not easy to cook it nicely, especially on the removal of the smell.

I did a slicing test on it, and it is so soft! It must has took the chef sometimes to cook to this softness level. The meat is soft and taste nice. If you are there, must give it a try. :)

Main course for wife, pan seared sea bass served with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. While I don't find the name interesting, it taste nice!

Another view before we start to demolish it with our mouth. :P

Closer look.

The aftermath of the lamb shank, too bad the bone is not eatable. :P

The aftermath of the fish, totally gone......

While the food portion from the photo looks not that much, it is just nice for me. The Irish Coffee is nice, but I'm not sure if it is suppose to taste like this since it is the first time I try it out. :P

The best part of the restaurant is the boss, he is so friendly and always make you feel like home when you are there. When I snap around the restaurant, he even offer me to snap at the toilet. Don't get me wrong, it is because they put some effort on designing the toilet as well. :P

The total cost of the meal is very close to RM100, I think is around RM99. :P It is worth the money for the experience and the food there. Totally feel happy after the visit to the restaurant.

Oh ya, they have a facebook fanpage as well!

Abbey Road Bistro Restaurant:
GPS Coordinate: 5° 23' 42"N, 100° 23' 56"E
Phone: 04-390 6655
Address: 6GF, Lebuh Tenggiri 2, Pusat Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Butterworth, Malaysia

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