Cari Makan

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lake Tahoe - A Revisit in May 2006

It is around one year since the last time I went to Lake Tahoe, I had always amaze with the scenery and cool air of the lake. The journey started around 9.00am in the morning, which can be considered as late as it is 4 hours drive to the lake. Anyway, we manage to reach there around noon.

As we had been sitting on car few hours it is time for nature call so stopped by a Chevron and settle business then we continue our journey to the lake.

After a while, we reach our 1st stop where we were able to see the tunnel.

At the same place, snow mountain at the other side of the lake came into view. There are plenty of ski resorts over there. Too bad the time is not right, if not we might be able to have a taste of skiing...

1 mile way down hill to the lake side where an old castle stood there (forgot what is the name of the castle).

There were a waterfall which passing below the road and continue to the lake....

The jetty at the lake side, where you can hire a boat to round the lake.

This is the 2nd times I came and have a good look at the castle. It is not huge but it is unique.

Lake view from the north side......

Snow still can be seen on the top part of the mountain.

There were we, at Lake Tahoe, four persons, relaxing ourselves from the hefty work days. :)
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