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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bukit Mertajam - May Tip Restaurant

May Tip is a Thai restaurant, I heard about it and got recommendation from my friend to try it out, so finally I give it a try. The outlook of the restaurant does give people a feel that it is not gonna be cheap. Well, I'll not say that it is overpriced or very cheap, I think that the price is just right.

There are a few dishes that are famous and must give it a try. Of course the first thing when we eat at a Thai restaurant is definitely Tomyam and the famous one they offered is the white Tomyam.

This is the white tomyam seafood soup, I can taste that there are a few kinds of the mint leaves added in.

White tomyam soup from another view.

Prawn in white tomyam soup, nyam nyam......the prawn is fresh!

Another special dishes introduced by the worker there is this: fried vegetable with egg.
The taste is nice and if anyone are there, try this!

Another famous dish is this, the fried pig leg. I can see that every table also have this, so I order as well. It is marinated deep fried pig leg, it is really nice but take care of your cholesterol level after eating this. The crispy skin with the fat level and the melting meat is really yummy......

Another view......

The most important, dip in the special sauce! nice......

Lastly we ordered a normal vegetable dish, for the intake of fiber. :P

Now, while waiting for the food.......see what my little girl doing......

So enjoy.....

Ok, the above meal cost me RM80.00 for 4 persons, which I think it is quite reasonable and ok.

Below is the address for those who want to try out:
May Tip Thai Food Restaurant
No. 28, Lebuh Keranji, Taman Mutiara,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Tel: 04-5522216

It located at the back lane, so not easy to find. It is located around behind of the Kam Far Supermarket.
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