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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lebuh Penang - Veloo Vilas

Before this, I never had any desire to go and try out any Indian food, as I don't really have friends who can introduce me to any nice Indian food.

Until I known one of my colleague, who basically a fans of Indian food, introduce me to Veloo Vilas. He claimed that this is the best Indian food in Penang, out of curiosity, I joined him for the first time. After that, I always join him whenever there is free time for lunch at the shop.

Veloo Vilas located along Lebuh Penang, near the Great Eastern building. It is a small shop house that you'll need to pay attention in order not to miss it. There is very little parking place around, so you might need sometime to get one. Or as always suggested by my friend, wait for 5 minutes to see if any cars move out from their space. :P

There is also a stall outside of the restaurant selling nice curry puff and samosa.

Veloo Vilas is a small restaurant and family style, which brings you really nice feel when dining there. After renovation, they put up a huge and clear menu on the wall. Truely say, I like the environment before renovation better.

To have a meal here is easy, you just need to sit down, then the banana leaf will be lay infront of you and the side dishes (vegetables) will be automatically served.

The side dishes...

The "kuih" bought from the outside stall.

Then, you can choose between the white rice or brown rice, fried egg or sambal egg.

Lastly, choose between vegetarian, chicken or mutton.

There you go, a will cost you around RM9.00 with a glass of homemade yogurt drink. :P

Veloo Vilas:
The coordinate below is the BSN coordinate, the restaurant is just at the opposite row.
GPS coordinate: 5°25'6"N   100°20'28"E
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