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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Doctor visits - The sixth months

As a father to be, I'm really excited. This is the sixth months of the pregnancy, I'm well prepared with my digital camera to record the ultrasound scan as a memory for us.

Lunch at Gurney Plaza - 旺角小厨

It has always been a problem to decide what to eat. It is no difference for today's lunch. As we are in Gurney Plaza and going to visit a friend after the lunch, I had problem to decide on what to eat again. As a person who is always decisive (no matter at work or home), I still don't know why I just cannot make a quick and good decision on what to eat. This always make me feel a lots of pressure because my wife is just besides me and waiting for the decision.

So, after a while of thinking and discussion, we decide to visit "Wong Kok" (my wife had give me a tough look). Well, after sitting down, we still having problem of deciding what to eat. Anyway, my wife is very fast at ordering the egg tarts (almost immediately).

After a while, I decided to abandone my normal favourite "Roasted duck soup noodle" for a "Roasted pork soup noodle".

Well, as the egg tarts are "gone in 60 seconds", I was not able to take any photo of it. We highly recommend their egg tart as it is really delicious.

The roasted pork soup noodle is not bad, but I still prefer the roasted duck soup noodle.

The char siew soup noodle ordered by my wife, she said it taste bad.

A happy mom with the meal.

Oops, it aint taste that great after all.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Technical Paper writing......Too technical for me

Today, I had a chance to attend a 2 days course of technical paper writing training by a USM professor. Only now that I know I'm such a "noob" in writing documentation, especially technical paper. There are so many things that I had actually misuse in my normal documentations and I thought those are correct and my documentations are actually good. Looks like there are lots of work to do after the training.

雨过天晴 - Rainbow after the rain

It has been 2 weeks since I was sick, finally, my body back to normal. However, I miss the long "Merdeka" holiday to go back to my hometown - Muar for a family gathering. Sigh, so sad.

To my family, I'm now fine and healthy again.

See? I can even post for the webcam of my laptop. :)

Anyway, it has been a long time since I meet with my sister and brother, so I'm currently planning for a trip down to KL maybe next weekend. This is of course if they are in KL.

Besides that, my wife is healthy and good as well.
We has been happy for our upcoming 1st baby.
Just to let all my brothers and sister know that we are fine in Penang.

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