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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lunch at Gurney Plaza - 旺角小厨

It has always been a problem to decide what to eat. It is no difference for today's lunch. As we are in Gurney Plaza and going to visit a friend after the lunch, I had problem to decide on what to eat again. As a person who is always decisive (no matter at work or home), I still don't know why I just cannot make a quick and good decision on what to eat. This always make me feel a lots of pressure because my wife is just besides me and waiting for the decision.

So, after a while of thinking and discussion, we decide to visit "Wong Kok" (my wife had give me a tough look). Well, after sitting down, we still having problem of deciding what to eat. Anyway, my wife is very fast at ordering the egg tarts (almost immediately).

After a while, I decided to abandone my normal favourite "Roasted duck soup noodle" for a "Roasted pork soup noodle".

Well, as the egg tarts are "gone in 60 seconds", I was not able to take any photo of it. We highly recommend their egg tart as it is really delicious.

The roasted pork soup noodle is not bad, but I still prefer the roasted duck soup noodle.

The char siew soup noodle ordered by my wife, she said it taste bad.

A happy mom with the meal.

Oops, it aint taste that great after all.

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