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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Year of Dog

This coming Chinese New Year - is the year of dog. Dog, as a friend in our daily life, bring us joy and happiness.

With Chinese New Year coming, it reminds me of my age......I'm one year older. As usual, everbody will go back home for reunion, meet all the friends, talk about the good old days...

It has been a few years since I met some of my schoolmate. Hopefully this year I'll have sometimes to pay them a visit.

Here I wish everyone will have a properous year, happy and healthy all the time. :)
Especially my brother and sister in law who are now in London. Also to all my colleague who have been working hard throughout the year, take care and go home early everyday. :P

Lastly, to all my DotA kaki, don't eat to much food and lack of finger exercise. Train more and lets meet again after the holiday. :)

Friday, January 20, 2006

ROM - 01/01/2006

1st of January (01/01) is a meaningful day to different people. For my colleague, it is the birthday of her daughter. For my coursemate, it is the birthday of his son. For my mom, is a number for Magnum 4D. For us (My wife and I), it is a memorable and a step we took into the next level of our life.

Marriage, a bind of two people who vow to live together, take care and love each other; A promise which we make for our whole life...

On this special day, at special venue, we say out loud of the vows, sign the most important agreement of our whole life (This, of course more important than SPA, HP and etc.) and wear the ring which will tie us together forever.

On this day, old memories flown back into my mind...The day we met, the sweet smile on her face, the long hair, the lots of lots....:P

I'm lucky to have her as my life partner. She is patient, supportive, and pretty. She is also my english teacher, dictionary and encyclopedia. (This, save me lots of money. :P) Now, she is also my japanese teacher and dictionary...

Lastly, I'll want to say to her that "I love you forever"...and Yes, I promise you, after Chinese New Year, we'll start our Yoga class. :P

01/01/2006, Sunny day...
Early in the morning, we start to prepare ourselves for the ROM. I had not sleep well for the past night as I was nervous. But this morning, when everybody is preparing ourselves, I feel better and better. Seems like things are just come into place well. Nothing surprise and everything are smooth.

As we are about to start the journey to the ROM venue, only we realized that we forgot to get flower! With a quick thought by my mom, we drive to town and try to get a flower. I pray hard in my heart that 1 of the florist will open early in the morning.

8.30am, Fortunately, we managed to found 1 opened. So, we grab the flower, pay the money (Which I really don't care how much it cost because it has safe my life) and drive towards our final destination..."Chui Mei Hui Tang"

The place, is a hall beside a 100 years old Chinese Temple, which situated at a fish village. As it is just beside the sea, the sceneries are nice and romantic. After we report ourselves at the counter, we walk along the seaside while waiting for our turn.

We took a photo with the help of my wife's brother (Who is also the witness for the bride). After that, we go back, sit down and wait for our turn. It is a long wait, around 3 hours and finally the moment come. We walk in, we sit down, we stand up, we vow, we sit down again and we SIGN!!! Then, we wear the rings for each other.

Then, we took a photo with the registrar, who is also my grandparents neighbour. :)
And that is the memorable and fantastic day...


My wife...


My witness...

Her witness...

Monday, January 16, 2006

A nice home made spaghetti dinner

A boring weekend, with no plans to go anywhere, we decided to cook spaghetti as dinner. It has been only second times we tried to cook spaghetti with the first attempt failed.

Core ingredients of our spaghetti, Prego 100% natural pasta sauce - tomato with mushroom inside. :)

Without minced meat, we had opt for sausages instead.

My wife cooking spaghetti happily.

Stirring spaghetti...

Show off.

Another show off.

My wife's spaghetti ready.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Langkawi trip - Day 2 & 3

After 1 good night sleep, we woke up around 8.00am. After having a light breakfast and enjoying the sea view, we head towards the port for island hopping trip.

It was around 9.30am when we were at the port, the sun is shining brightly on the sky and the cool sea breeze are blowing softly passing us. Nice day, nice weather.

After everyone was assembled, we board on the boat and head towards the 1st destination - "Pulau Beras Basah".

After only around 10 minutes, the island came into view.

The island is well known of its beautiful beach and white soft sands. Most of the tourists came to have fun on the beach and dipped inside the cool and clean sea water.

The boatman helping tourists jump down from the boat at the beach of the island.

After the boats unloaded its passenger, they were parked near the beach waiting for their passengers enjoying 1 hour on the island's beautiful beach.

Tourist spotted having fun time on the beach. Far end is the jetty for those who don't want to get wet to step on to the island without getting wet.

Some even went for parachutting. The fees is not expensive considering the time length you are "flying" on the sky.

Well, as the beach still well maintained and clean. There is still plenty of rubbish laying around. Monkeys are seen having fun with the rubbish. This is really made me sad as we have such good assets of nature, people are still being selfish and not protecting the nature from rotting...
The visitors should just bring everything that they bring in which including the rubbish they created. As the island is isolated and lack of facility, visitors shouldn't expect the authorities will be able to clean off all the rubbish they left behind. As to be a good citizen and also a good human being, we should try to keep the place clean, not only in this place, but everywhere we go, city or island, cleanliness is a responsibility of all of us.

Another signboard hanging on the tree.

After staying on the island for around 1 hour, we said goodbye to the island and heading towards the second island, "Pulau Singa Besar" for eagle feeding tour.

The eagle feeding ground is somewhere at a lagoon of the island. When we reached there, the view is really amazing, the are lots of eagle panning around in the sky and searching of food. The boatman throw some meat into the sea as food for the eagle. 1 by 1 the eagles in the sky swooped down to their targets and grabbed it within split of a second.

Below is the continuous shot of an eagle in action.

After around 20 minutes there, we move towards our final destination of the island hopping trip - "Pulau Dayang Bunting"
The island famous of its shape resemblance of a pregnant woman lying down on her back is also famous of the lake which hidden inside of the island.

On the way to the island, we past this small unknown island with unique structure.

The boatman bring us to the front of the island to show us the famous resemblance of pregnant woman lying on the back.

There were plenty of boats parked on the sea already when we reached the jetty. This shows that the place is a hot spot for all the island hoppers.

A view from the jetty of "Pulau Dayang Bunting".

From the jetty, we walk through this walk way and head into Pulau Dayang Bunting.

The signboard which welcoming all the visitors stood at the end of the jetty walkway.

There is a public toilet on the island, before the visitors start their journey towards the lake. A visit to the toilet will cost you RM0.50. I'm not objecting on the imposed fees, but as it is a paid toilet, I think the authority should at least maintain the cleanliness of the toilet. The condition of the restroom is bad, smelly and the floor is all wet. This is a bad image for foreign tourists.

Up, up and up we climbed......with the same destination, we climbed towards the lake.

Down, down and down, almost there! A 10 minutes journey nearly come to the end...

As we were near the lake, we were surprised by this little monkey who was holding a can of "Coke"! It shows again that the place is not kept clean enough, or perhaps it has hobby of collecting "Coke" related stuff. :)

There is a huge platform beside the lake which allowed the visitors to rest and enjoy the scenery and cooling water. Some even enjoying a foot massage from the fish.

If you feel bored, rent a boat or kayak, and off you go around the lake...Not a bad idea for those who wish to propose to their partner. "Marry me or you will be in the water". Hahaha.....

Or if you like more extreme sports, you can go for the banana boat. :)

Part of the platform at the lake.

1 of the mischieve monkey which stole the sandal beside to exchange with a biscuit, just like in the commercial of the "Visa" card.

After 1 hour visit of the last island, we departed and back towards the jetty of "Awana Porto Malai". The island hopping trips are nice and fun. As there are still plenty of other island around Langkawi, I'll hopes to go for another island hopping the next time I'm there.

After getting a short rest at the hotel room, we out on adventure again to the anticipated destination "Seven Wells". With the legend where angels are having bath on these "wells", we were interested with how these wells looks like. But before that, we went on to hunt for food first. At the end, we went to eat at the "Telaga Cafe" at "Telaga Harbour Place".

The delicious fried mee.

Nasi Pattaya, yummy...

After finish up our food, we continue our journey towards the famous "Telaga Tujuh".

Without any hesitantion, we start to climb up the total of around 600++ steps staircase towards the wells. It is tiring but our will were strong.

When we finished climbing the staircase, this beautiful structure came into view. After a short rest to recover our breath, we start to look for the "Seven Wells".

gf: Where is it?
me: I don't know. There is no wells in view. Only a stream.
gf: There is a map, lets go and take a look.
me: Okay.

After looking at the map, both of us were speechless...
"Seven Wells", I highly recommended this place as a MUST go. Why? The location of the wells remain unknown to both of us. :P
We found no clue on the map of where are the wells!!! Hopefully next time, there will be a clearer map which tell the visitor where exactly are the wells.

So, at the end, in order not to waste our visit, we took a photo at the stream that we reach after climbing all those steps...
I, really speechless of this place...

At night, we went to the famous supermarket in Langkawi "Teoh Soon Huat" to get chocolate and wine. We found a new shopping complex beside it, so we went in and thought we saw "KFC"...and it is not. :)

As for the 3rd day, we left early and didn't really go any where...we board on the ferry and went back to Alor Setar.

The end.
Pulau Langkawi, I'll certainly visit the island again...and I'll bring my swimming trunk...and as I promise to my gf, I'll learn how to swim. :P
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