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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Langkawi trip - Day 1

Sigh......after a disaster with uploading photo to, I decided to use photobucket instead. Phew....finally my post on Langkawi trip can be completed.

It has been raining for the whole week which has concerned us on whether to continue with our plan to Langkawi or not. As we had book the hotel, we decided to try our luck which had turn up to be a good decision.

Early in the morning, around 8.30am, we reach Kuala Kedah's jetty to ride on the ferry and head towards Langkawi. As we are buying ticket, a Malay man had approach us on car rental and island hopping trips. After discussing with him, finally we decided to take up the deal rather than being swarm by the middle man once we reach Langkawi's jetty.

The ferry ticket cost RM18.00 per person. We board on "Fortune Express 1" (which is quite a big boat) around 9.30am and there we start our 90 minutes journey towards Langkawi. The air-con in the boat made us shiver like hell as we did not expect it to be so cold.

Everybody on board in a proper line ups......

The kid in front of our seat had pose himself nicely for us to shoot the photo. He is so cute and smile so sweet that I couldn't resist to take a photo of him.

After a long journey and watching the movie "Blade III", Finally, Pulau Langkawi came into view.

As the ferry approaching the jetty, all the kids on board were excited and everybody start to stand up eventhough the ferry is still not came to a complete stop.

After we pass the custom, we directly walk out from the building and give a call to the person who should pass us the rental car (Iswara 1.3 hatchback). The car cost us RM80.00 per day. If going by groups, renting a van will be better as it is only RM50.00 per day.

After all the process done and finally we can travel with the rental car, the first place we decided to go is "Dataran Lang". It is actually situated just beside the jetty. :P

At the walkway towards the famous eagle sculpture which overlook the jetty, we decided to take a photo. While we move towards the eagle, the nightmare of all the travellers in Malaysia will found happens to me......I need a toilet!!!

I was so glad that there is just a toilet so near to the place where there are some restaurant in the building as well. But IT IS LOCKED!!! I had pray that let me find a restroom which is functioning and clean...I decided to try my luck at the opposite site of the road where there is a building looks like a typical restroom. Fortunately, it is a restroom which is functioning and clean!

On the way back to "Dataran Lang", we passed this beautiful and well landscaped lake. The surrounding is clean and the wind is soft and refreshing...

Finally, we managed to take a photo with the eagle.

Solo photo of the eagle from the side. The sky are blue and the weather is good. It has been sunshine since morning. We were feeling lucky since it has been raining for 1 whole week. :)

There are plenty of this traditional hut where visitor can just sit down and rest. We took a short rest and say goodbye to the eagle.

On the way out from "Dataran Lang" only we realised that there is a "Gerbang" at the entrance.

As it is around 12.30pm after the visit to "Dataran Lang", we decided to take lunch at the nearby Kuah town and then head towards the latest celebrity on the island -> The Oriental Village and Langkawi Cable Car. On the way to Kuah town, I drive and drive and drive......
gf: "Are we there yet?"
me: "Look at the map, what it said?"
gf: "Looks like not yet."
me: "Okay. Let's drive some more and see how."

After 10 minutes......
gf: "Are we there yet?"
me: "I don't know."

Another 10 minutes passed......
gf: "Are we there yet?"
me: "I don't know."

As we drive and drive and drive, finally we concluded we already pass Kuah because we already reach Pantai Cenang's junction. :P
So, we decided to head towards The Oriental Village and Langkawi Cable Car as we believe there will be food for us to eat.

On the way towards The Oriental Village and Langkawi Cable Car, we found an interesting place to stop over -> "Telaga Harbour Place". It seems like a yacht jetty. There is a complex with restaurant and a Petronas petrol station for those who needs fuel (which is me). And we end up eating KFC as lunch instead of local foods.

At "Telaga Harbour Place", you can actually overlook at the middle and final station of the Langkawi Cable Car.

After our delicious lunch on the first day of our Langkawi trip, we continue our journey towards our destination. After around 15 minutes of driving from Telaga Harbour Place, we arrive at The Oriental Village. Without any hesitation, we directly head towards the ground station of the famous Langkawi Cable Car.

The ticket price for each adult is RM15.00. After getting our ticket, we went to the lines to queue up for our turns to sit in the cable car.

The queue was long.....we had to wait for around 30 minutes before we can go up to the cable car. It has been fast as the employee who guard the queue was asking for 2 person as there are 2 empty seat available. So, we just fast fast jump queue after approved by the guard. :P

Cable car on the way up to middle station...

The ground station view from the inside of the cable car. The cable car is moving quite fast and steady. The wind is blowing strongly into the cable car. The view from the inside of the cable car is nice. While the cable car climbing slowly up to the top, gradually whole Langkawi came into the eyes.

Looking upwards, we can see that the middle station is still quite some distance away. The cable car became a bit shaky due to the strong wind blowing across.

At the middle station, the suspension bridge can be seen clearly. After stay at the middle station for a while, we continue to take the cable car to the final station.

The middle station overview while we move on to the final station.

Approaching final station. The final station has 2 platform which overlook Langkawi.

We climb up 1 of the platform. There are signboard to inform visitors on what they can see in a particular direction.

The other platform......

Top view of the suspension bridge from final station platform. It is around 10-15 minutes walk from final station to the suspension bridge. We didn't go and try it out as I was too timid to try it. :P (scared of height)

We found this signboard which tell us the height of the place. After staying for a while, we took the cable car down to the ground station.

We taking photo in the cable car model located in front of the ground station.

We have a walk around the The Oriental Village and found out that there are this road sign everywhere. :)

The Anna and the King souvenir shop.

The japanese cuisine restaurant situated in the village.

As I don't dare to walk pass the high high suspension bridge, so we went and try this low low 1 located just beside the japanese restaurant. :P

There are plenty of bridge in the village and some souvenirs shop. The price is reasonable and quality is not bad as well. After lepak a while there, we head towards our hotel - Awana Porto Malai which is near Pantai Tengah.

The main entrance of the hotel. After check-in, we bath and sit by the side of the balcony to enjoy the sea breeze and scenery.

Part of the evening view from the room's balcony.

Another evening view from room's balcony.

After rest for a while, we went for a walk around the hotel. I think everybody stay in Awana Porto Malai before will recognize this signboard. :)

The swimming pool is located in front of the hotel, there are lots of kids having fun with their parents in the pool. Kids are really energetic, after 1 whole day of travelling, they still have energy to swim in the pool. Both of us were so tired that we are really enjoy with just walking around. :P

Our room balcony...

The lighthouse at the waterfront area of the hotel.

Walkway at the waterfront.

Night is falling, time for dinner. So, we drive again to find some local seafood to eat. We went all ways out until the junction near ASEANIA hotel. There is this family type seafood restaurant...

The outlook of the restaurant. The name of the restaurant is "tian tian lai" which translated to "come everyday". So, we nearly have dinner there again the next day. :P

Thats end our first day of vacation in Langkawi.

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