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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Gurney Plaza - Chicago Rib House

Ever since CRH Juru Autocity closed down, I had been hoping they'll reopen either at Gurney Plaza or Queensbay Mall. And here they are, back on business in Gurney Plaza. It is located at the old Manila Place, which is along the same stretch as the Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Just walk along that stretch and you'll not miss it.

Since the return of CRH, I had been wanting to revisit the restaurant and chew on the juicy ribs again. :P And of course, the mocktail pina colada.....

The place at Gurney Plaza is smaller compare with Juru Autocity, but the business is much better. The crew are much more friendly and you'll feel a bit like TGIF style. :P

The menu, the content looks almost the same, with some differences.

The best changes they had made....."Kids eat free everyday!" :P

Decoration around the restaurant...

The bar......

Are you the loyal guests of CRH? :P

Waiting for our order....

Pina Colada mocktail......highly recommended!

Cranberries juice.

Fish & Chips for the kid. :) It is simple but is sufficient for a kid below 12. :)

Happy face, when the food arrived...

Another happy face.....

Half ribs for wife. Seems like they had improve on the ribs, it is more juicy compare to last time.

Ribs and salmon combo meal.

Closer look at the salmon, it is grilled lightly, so there is still part of the salmon flesh still raw, which make the meat taste juicy. For me, it is perfect. :P

Nyam favorite pork ribs.......

Water boiled broccoli, for the healthy heart. :P

Buttered rice... is makan time! :)

After previous experience, we didn't order any appertizer or dessert. Fortunately we didn't order any, as I had to help finish up the kid's meal as well.

I must be back to eat the potato skin and fried mushroom!!!!

Lastly, if you are going there, especially on weekend and public holiday, make sure you call for reservation first, as it is always full of people. :)

GPS Coordinate: 5°26'14"N   100°18'34"E
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