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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lunas - TanKee Roast Duck Restaurant

After so many years since the first time I ate this, finally I pay a visit to the shop again when my sis request for it. As I don't really remember where is it, I totally relying on the Garmin to bring me there. It is around 30 minutes from Alma and I nearly miss it as the signboard of the shop already change color from the age. :P

The outlook of the shop, if you coming from Bukit Mertajam, it is on your left. The shop is huge so you won't miss it. The signboard has a faint pink color now from the fresh red long time ago.

It is a simple shop, with a stall hang with the roasted duck and lots of table...

The worker busy chopping on the roasted duck...

Not sure if the worker is a foreigner or local, but he is really good at it, and not only one, i think there are a few of them who can chop the duck like a pro...

We reach the shop around 1.00pm, and these? Gone in 30 minutes.......yes, it is really fast gone. So, be early to avoid disappointment. The shop opened from 11.00am to 2.30pm.

Once we are there, we just choose a table to sit down, and then the worker came to take the order. There are 4 of us with both my daughter, so we ordered half bird of the roasted duck, braised eggs and taugua, with a bowl of chai buay. You can choose either rice or porridge to go with the meal. As we are extremely hungry, all of us go with the rice. :P

You choose the sambal chilli or the chopped bird's eye chilli.

The sambal......

There are also braised egg and taugua to go with the duck.

And of course, chai buay is a must!!!!

Then the duck is served, the skin is crispy and the meat is soft, nice!

The sauce to go with the duck.

Of course, we need a drink...this is the herbal drink served.

Happy baby has a taste on the duck...

Of course the older sister is happy to go out!!! :)

Lastly, how much does it cost for a meal of 4 person? The answer is.....RM24.00. It is cheap!!!!

TanKee Restaurant:
GPS Coordinate: 5°25'44"N   100°32'5"E


Wooi Pin said...
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Wooi Pin said...

My dad bring me there quite often when i was small since it near to berapit.
The taste now is so so only compare with last time.

Haesbich said...

My bro-in-law told me after my visit there the "酸梅“ duck is the nice one. :P Next time I go try again.

Wooi Pin said...

Yes, indeed their "酸梅“ duck is much better than 烧鸭

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