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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Padang Lalang - Pak Hainan Restaurant

We have been passing this restaurant for quite a few times, each time also wondering what food will be nice in this type of shop. From the outlook, it looks something like "Old Town", so we had no interest to walk into the shop and have a try.

Well, since we had out of idea on where to have dinner, we decided to give it a try, especially after the big newspaper ad shown in "Sin Chew Daily". :P

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The front signboard of "Pak Hainan"

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
There is even a story of the "Pak Hainan" written on the first page of the menu.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
A nice poster on the wall.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Kopi "O" Gao...It is really very thick. :)
Well, there is brown sugar provided...

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Malt + coffee Ice...Nice! I love it! The taste is like Horlicks + coffee, the sweetness is just suite my taste.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Toast bread, the bread is a bit different as it is brown color. This is something that you must order if you are there.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The things that you cannot miss everytime you go to some coffeshop. :P

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
Chicken rice ball, the rice a bit too hard, the aroma is too faint for my taste.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The Hainan style chicken, just taste normal.

From Pak Hainan (02-11-2008)
The nasi lemak, taste quite ok, the the chili is not hot enough.

Overall, the price is ok, not too expensive and the taste is normal, nothing that is spectacular.
Environment is good for gathering and family.

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