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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Revisit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk (25-03-2006)

As we could not think of a better place to go, Mr. Sam and me decided to go to Santa Cruz Boardwalk to take some photo.

After taking our breakfast, where Sam's toasted bread at Hawthorn cafe had bring the fire engine to the hotel, we started our journey towards Santa Cruz.

With a handy GPS in the rental car, the way to the place is just a piece of cake. We reached there around 10.45am, right before the theme park start to operate at 11.00am. Well, the entrance is free and it is just beside a beach with the fisherman's wharf next to it.

When we are near the destination, we came across this junction with the "Welcome" sign just at 1 of the corner.

So, we started to shoot photo from outside until inside. We started to take photo from the outside along the street.

Just came down from the car, even it is the second time I was here, the scenery of the street still amaze me. The place is so organized, clean, colorful......

Another view which shown the roller coaster in the theme park. I'm not a fans of these kind of thrill stuff, especially after the experience of the Jurassic Park and The Mummy Returns ride in Universal Studio last year.

After admiring the street view for around 10 minutes, we start to walk into the theme park. At each entrance, there is this nicely placed signboard to welcome all its visitor.

When we were inside the theme park, there were only a few visitors around the area. All the stall and ride were still in preparation. We moved towards the plaza area where there are shops and fun park located.

Outside of the indoor fun park, there is this the last existing "Laffing Sal" which amazingly still working fine.

While we were feeling boring, we noticed this very advanced device sitting quietly beside the staircase towards the beach. After some study on the device, we realized it is a solar powered trash compactor. I wonder when will Malaysia will have these types of devices available.

After that, we started to walk to the other side of the theme park. The cable car make a circle around the theme park area, which gives passengers view of the whole theme park and also the deep blue sea.

There are lots of game stall and all of them having these cute soft toys hanging on the walls of the stall. I wish I could have each of them. :P

There is this giant black spider hanging on the top of the haunted house. We didn't go to any rides. Why? Because it needs money. :P

One of the souvenir store have this nice signboard. I believe it will attract lots of teenager to the store....Oh ya, it did attract us as well. Sam spend some time inside the store to find himself a key chain.

The rocket high roller coaster rail. I felt goosebump when I saw it. Hmm......looks like I'm really old, cannot take all these extreme stuff anymore.

We walked towards the beach where we were attracted by a whole group of birds (don't know if these are migration birds). They were all searching for foods and sometime will flied together when strong waves came in. The scenery is superb. We stayed there for quite some time and took dozens of photo.

This photo gives you a general view of how big was the crowd. :) The wind was blowing so strong that we could see the sands being blown across the beach.

One of the dead shell fish attract my attention. It looks so nice and so perfect, so I press down the shutter release button to store it as a memory...

Well, before we left the place, Sam went to 1 of the souvenir store and finally he managed to get a key chain. That ends our journey to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

To be Continue......

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