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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Santa Cruz 2006 Continued... (25-03-2006)

We were sitting in the car outside of Santa Cruz Boardwalk and thinking any interesting place around there to visit, and we end up with searching "Place of Interest" on the GPS. Well, we manage to find a place which we interesting for - Lighthouse Point.

On the way, we passed the coast line and there was this nice and well maintained church. We decided to stop for a while and shoot some photos.

On the opposite of the road, there is this tall statue which telling all the visitors :"Hey, come and have fun on wave surfing!!!".

And at another side across the junction from the church, the signboard simply told us that we are in the "Lighthouse Field State Beach" area.

After the short stop, we continue to our destination - the Lighthouse Point. When we reached there, it was so lucky that there was 1 parking left for us.

This wonderful light house was built in 1868. As it is near the coast where the cave beneath it was eroded and threatened the light house. In year 1879, the light house was placed in rollers and moved about 300 feet inland.

As the light house is near the cliff, the view is just spectacular. There were lots of sea birds flying around as showing off their flying skills to the visitors.

There were also lots of extreme sports lover having fun by kayaking or surfing waves on the cold pacific ocean water and savouring the cool sea breeze. Well, I'm not really enjoying as the breeze makes me shiver and my hands and ears were freezing.

Then, we walked down the staircase towards the beach. At the beach area, there we saw a most extreme sports fans. He was setting up for surfing the wind on the sea!

On the wall of the cliff, something had surprised us. There is a well crafted art work on the wall of the cliff.

When we saw the arc at the most front end of the cliff, we got so excited. We attempted to walk to the nearest accessible beach area and have a nice photo session there. On the way back to the staircase, our feet were soaked with cold sea water when one of the strong waves swept onto the beach.

That conclude our visit to Santa Cruz. When we were back in the car, as the day is still early (2.00pm), we decided to get another place to visit. We searched the GPS and not managed to get anything interesting on it. So, we decided to head towards Stanford University. But before that, we'll need to take our lunch as it is late.

As not knowing what to eat, I had suggested "Maruichi Ramen" at Barber Lane in Milpitas. So, after entering the address into the GPS system, we started our journey to the nice hot ramen.
When we reached Saratoga area, we decided to take the trunk road towards the destination. We end up turning around between Interstate 880 and 280 due to the slow human hands response towards GPS instructions and directionless driver. :P So, after half an hour of turning here and there, we were back at El Camino Real.

As we were already near to Stanford University, we decided to simply get a restaurant and fill our stomach. Well, the briliant Mr. Sam suggest to go to 1 of the buffet restaurant he went twice before. So, we went along El Camino Real to find the nice buffet retaurant.

End up we were not manage to find it as my dear clever friend don't remember the shop's name, color, building......Basically, he don't remember anything about the shop and he wanted to bring me there! This reminds me of his great adventure from Cerok Tokun to Simpang Empat which a 15 minutes drive took him 2 hours on the highway. Sigh...

So, we end up eating lunch in this sushi house next to Safeway at El Camino Real.

It was late after we finished our lunch, so we decided to visit to Stanford University on the next day.

Conclusion: There is always lots of story to tell when I went out with him.

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