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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A hefty day - Wedding photo session 02-03-2006

We were both on leave on this day, a once in a life time experience for us. Early in the morning, we prepared the necessary stuff, such as long sleeve shirts, black color slack and shoes, water, clean our face and hairs, breakfast and etc. After everything were well prepared, we head towards our destination - Aspial Bridal House at Macalister Road.

We went 2 rounds around the place as there was no parking available. Then, we decided to stop in front of the Bridal House and personally went inside for advice on where to park our car. One of the photographer - Kenneth then help us to clear out a place in front of the Bridal House for us to park our car.

While we were waiting inside for our photographer - Eric, Kenneth help us to take a photo before the make-up and photography session. I believe this is for the before and after thingy. :P

When the make-up artist - Rachel helping my wife, I was invited to rest and watch movie - "Flight Plan". Nearly after an hour, it was my turn to make-up. I was nervous as this is the first time I had to make-up. When I look at my wife, I hardly recognized her as the eye brows, lips and hairdo were all different. Then, I knew why she looks different when it was my turn. My eyebrows were shaved, my face were covered with foundation, my hair being turned into gold color and spiky. Hahaha...really a new experience for myself.

When the indoor photo session start, this was where all the funs started. Eric, our photographer had been unsatisfied with our smiles throughout the whole photo session. However, I believe that when the photo is out, we will be the happiest couple in the world (With the smile we had tried to put on our face, :P). We had been put into 3 different pairs of wedding gowns and hairdo, plus different background setting and pose, it will be tough when we needs to choose 21 out of all those. After that, the evening gowns came into play. All these had took us around 4 hours to complete.

We had a short rest and lunch. Then, it was time for outdoor shooting. After changing into the dress, we hop into the Naza Ria and head towards shooting destination. We had been ask if we had any particular place to shoot but we were both blank and I believed Eric could decide better. So, I let him to decide the place for us.

First place we went to is an old building somewhere behind gurney drive. Second place is a road side somewhere around Tanjung Bungah. Lastly is beach side at Batu Ferringhi. We felt fresh as the first and second place, we don't even knew they exist. The last place, I didn't know it is accessible. :P

I'm really thankful as the weather is nice...

Now, I'm feeling anxious to view the outcome of the photo. Can't wait for the photo selection on next Sunday. :)

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