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Friday, February 17, 2006

Finally, we found the preferred bridal house

We has been undecided for almost 2 weeks. Then, we took a day leave from work on Thursday to get around the city for the bridal house hunt.

The night before, in order not to be disappointed and wasting our time, we went on the internet to search for some information and also view the sample photos by some bridal house (if there are any available). Finally, we shortlist 3 of the bridal house we wish to pay a visit before making any decision.

Early morning on Thursday (not really early though, around 10.50am), we start our hunt by went to the first destination - Shalom Bridal House. On the way, along Jalan Bagan Jermal, we passed our 3rd destination - Milan Bridal House and we decided not to visit it anymore as the photo on their web did not impress us.

As No. 33, Jalan Kelawei (address of Shalom) is an unknown to us, we went along the whole road starting from the Gurney roundabout. After a while, when we spot it, we felt so nervous yet excited. We turned in and parked inside their compound, walk in and there was no other customer around, only us! So, we were invited to sit down and viewing through the sample they passed to us. The sample photos are nice, very natural and very balanced color. The quality is high and we are satisfied with it.

After the photo viewing, they brought us up stair to have a look at their wedding gowns and evening gowns collection. And we a bit surprise that they had different class of gowns - VIP and super VIP. I felt like buying bus ticket. :P Basically the different is that the super VIP gowns are new and the VIP are not so new. I felt shock when they told me if I want super VIP gowns, I would need to add around RM600.00 per dress. Phew...this is lots of money.

After looking at the gowns, we went back downstair and talk about the package. The price is okay, not bad and the package is okay to us as well. After a short discussion, we decided to go to our second destination first before deciding - Aspial Bridal House.

So, we go towards Burma Road for Aspial. When we reached there, we found out that the shop was closed, so we go to Macalister Road branch. This place, looks grand and modern, with a plasma tv sit on the wall of reception area, gave me a bit of scared of the price they are going to quote me.

With the same procedure going on......view sample photos (where most of them are my colleagues), looking at their wedding gowns and evening gowns collection, then finally the package. As I thought, it is more expensive, but they had made their efforts by putting in lots of extra stuff inside the package. The best part of it was that they told us they don't have class for all their dress. So, we can choose anyone we like no matter is new or not. Well, as I told them that I knew some of their customers (my colleagues) and I was there because of my colleagues recommendation, after a while of bargaining and changing this and that (they are quite flexible), we decided to take up the package as everything is included. Eventhough it is RM400.00 more compare to Shalom package, we felt satisfied with it.

After a while of chit chatting about my colleagues and paid the deposit, we left the place in happy mood. We went to Prangin Mall for shopping (Wife want to search for a pair of shoe) after that...

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