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Thursday, February 02, 2006

1st Day of CNY

After sleep late last night, it has been tough to wake up early this morning. My mum and dad, who have slept later than me, however manage to wake up earlier and go to temple to pray.

After lunch around 2.00pm, we start our journey to Johor Bahru to visit my grandma and aunty. This year is more special as my second brother is in UK, my sister take over his role as car driver. So, I drove my second brother's car and my sister drove mine. After a 2 hours journey, we reached our destination - Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.

It has been a tradition for us to travel down to visit my grandma during CNY since 3 of us (brothers) bought cars. Mum will always bring lots of homemade cookies, mandarin oranges and etc... for my grandma. Besides that, some will also goes to my aunty who always provides accomodation to us.

This year, besides visiting grandma and relatives, we also get chance to go shopping at the largest "Jaya Jusco" located in Tebrau City (Which is near to my cousin's house). Too bad my second brother and sister-in-law is not here, if not, they will be happy to shop there. Hehehe....

Okaylar, that is pretty much of how my 1st day of CNY.

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