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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pantai Kerachut - Year 2002......An old story

Viewing through the old photos and found out an interesting place where we visited in year 2002. "Pantai Kerachut", a State Government Nature Reserve site, full with flora and fauna, with a beautiful beach and soft sand, is a perfect place for exercise, camping, old friends meeting and family outing.

In order to get to the beach, visitors have 2 choices - hire a boat or hike in. We chose the later as to exercise our body and enjoy the nature beauty.

On the way, we had to pass through uneven path where we need to climb up and down.

Signboard located half the way in which provide 2 routes for visitor to choose.

Some indication on how far we need to move on before reaching the destination.

Some ferns spotted on the way...

Wetland situated just beside the beach.

Cross the suspension bridge and you'll reach "Pantai Kerachut"!

We, the happy couple taking photo on the beach. :P


Another sunset....

The small jetty on the beach....

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