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Saturday, August 12, 2006

AsiaExplorer trip to Chew Jetty and Penang Bridge

I knew about this trip from one of my friend, and without hesitated, I registered for my wife and myself. For me, it is a rare opportunity to go so near around the Penang bridge and took some memorable's photo.

The trip start at around 5.00pm with a boat trip towards the Penang bridge, we could felt the excitement of all the participants while we were in the boat.

Chew Jetty - When we just reach there, I'm really surprise that there is such a place in a small lane that we had passing by for the last 5 years.

Standing on the jetty, both Penang island and Prai's jetty came into view. Ferries can be seen clearly as well.

After the registration, we wore the life jacket and jump onto the boat. There were total of 5 boats with about 10 people per boat.

The uncle maneuver the boat we rode on help us to go on board as the boat was a bit shaky due to the wave.

After about 5 minutes of boat ride, Penang's landmark - Komtar came into view. The glittering water, fisherman's village in the front with Komtar building at the back had tell the story of Penang......

Along the way to the "sand island" beside Penang bridge, the splashing of the sea water couple with the wind had wet most of us.

There are plenty of "kelong" around the jetty area. Each of them have dogs to take care of the place.

Touch down on the island......

Walking around on the island, enjoy the view and took some photographs.

There were some jelly fish found on the beach of the "sand island".

As the sun going down, the view from the island changed......

Part of the bridge can be seen from the island......

After staying for about 15 minutes on the "sand island", we head towards the Penang bridge.

As we make around at the center of the Penang bridge, I realised that the bridge looks gigantic and amazed that human can actually build this thing. The sunset view from beneath the bridge is really nice......

Just before we head back to Chew Jetty, here we are (My wife and I) had a taste of driving a boat. :)

When we reached Chew Jetty, everyone had a short rest and then waiting for the feast!

This is what happened when there were lots of hungry people around some nice food.

Here I would like to express my appreciation to AsiaExplorer for this wonderful and unforgetable trip.

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