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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time = Money

As time flying pass every single day, sometimes I'll be wondering......"What had I done for the 1 whole day?". As I was thinking, there is little things that I remembered.

The tempo of life has been faster and faster, there are more projects to do in the company, more information flowing into our brain, more news to adapt to, more daily stuff to care about......

As we work for livings, spent 12 hours in the company, drag a tired body back home, the time we left is only enough for bath, dinner, read a few pages of news in the newspaper (online/hardcopy) and it is time to bed again.

Most of us today is successful in our career, but how about the family? With 24 hours a day, the time we stayed at home (awake) might not be more than 5 hours. Have we been treating our home as hotel? And do we realised that we talk more to our colleageus more than our family member?

Time is money.......but time for our family is priceless......

My dear friends, when is the last time you call home? Or go back from office on time?

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