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Monday, May 25, 2009

Alor Setar - Lee & Lee Noodle Delight Restaurant

Since the first time my parents-in-law mentioned about this place, we had been longing to go and try the noodles. Since it is a 3 days weekend and my in-laws had retire, we got more times to visit here and there in Alor Setar.

Well, the restaurant is located off Jalan Putra (the famous road in Alor Setar. :P), just opposite the Star City Hotel.

The outlook of the restaurant.

The good things about this restaurant is that they have a really nice and clear menu on the wall. It is not too many dishes offered until your eyes go blind and take half an hour just to finish the menu and decide what to eat (like the Kim Gary menu. :P).

As for the price, it is a bit steep compare with other stalls/restaurant in Alor Setar, but you'll know why later.

The types of noodles offered is quite a lot. Since it was the first time I visit this place, it is a bit hard to decide what to eat. So, after get some suggestion from the in-laws, we all choose our own noodle's type.

I chose the "dried curry noodle", it comes with some vege, char siew and half prawns (it looks like 1 whole prawn, but it is actually slice into half)

Close up on the curry noodles.

The wantan comes with the noodles, it is a small bowl with 2 wantans inside.

My mom-in-laws chose the "chicken noodle with mushroom", it was mistaken as my wife's choice and she actually ate a few mouthful before realized it. Then, only pass it back to my mom-in-laws. :P

The wantan comes with the noodle.

My wife's choice..."B.B.Q. noodle with mushroom", it is actually B.B.Q pork (叉烧) with some mushroom and the half prawns noodle. The price is higher but the portion is bigger as well. It taste good, try it out if you visit this place.

My father-in-law chose "chicken leg noodle with mushroom". The ingredients and the taste is almost the same as the one my wife's ordered, except that the char siew and prawns become chicken leg. Judge by the portion of the chicken leg, it is pretty worth to order this.

The extra order, wantan soup. There are quite a lots of wantan in it...

Talk about the choice of drinks, it is not a lot. So, end up I ordered hot Milo...

Well, below is the link to the location of the restaurant in wikimapia (if you plan to give it a try. :P)
Lee And Lee Noodle Delighst Restaurant on wikimapia

Lastly, the noodle is quite nice, worth a try. :)


bingjian said...

wah..i live at alor setar so long time also don know got this place..when i go back ,i will go try..

Haesbich said...

Ya, my parents in law brought me to the place. If not, I'll never know there is such a restaurant as well. :)

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