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Friday, December 09, 2005

Khoo Kongsi......A Heritage site in the center of Penang Georgetown (27-11-2005)

Sunday, nice to relax and sleep more......Instead of doing nothing, we (My gf and I) pay a visit to Khoo Kongsi (A Historical Heritage site). After having dim sum (breakfast) at "Hong Kong Dim Sum" at Macalister road, we head towards our destination. It takes us sometime to get to the place as it is hiding in some "tiny" road. We almost start a fight over where is the place by looking at the map. :P

After some hardwork, finally get to the entrance of Khoo Kongsi.

One of the house at the entrance of Khoo Kongsi has this antique traditional board.

Walkway outside a row of houses beside the lane lead to the main gate of Khoo Kongsi.

At the main gate, each of the visitor needs to pay RM5.00 as entrance fee. After the main gate, the first thing came into view are these ancient windows...

Main building of Khoo Kongsi. In front of the main building is an empty area where stood 2 noble lions (1 male and 1 female) welcoming its visitor.

Just opposite the main building, there is this building which I don't know the purpose of it.

There are a pair of Sikh guardian statue at the entrance of main building.

Entrance into the main hall of Khoo Kongsi. There is a guide who explains the structure, history of the building and meanings of each statue and drawing on the wall.

The smiling can find a coin embedded at the handle of the staircase and another 1 below the statue.

The sad buddha......

1 of the wall crafting art which shown 6 of the 24 types of kindness towards parents.

Another example of stone crafting art on the wall of the main building.

View of the walkway just outside of the entrance of main building.

Entrance of main building.

The female lion stand on the right of the entrance.

The male lion stand on the left of the entrance.

Part of the drawing on the wall in the main hall.

At the back of the main building there is this empty rectangular space with lots of drawing on the wall.

1 of the back window which is made of wood and retain the traditional design.

Drawing on the pile below the roof shown the complexity of the building design.

Another hall......the signboard shown the traditional art work.

1 of the craft work on the roof which shown the traditional Hokkien "clay cutting" skill. There is a museum which explain the history of Khoo Kongsi.

Good weather, blue sky and sunshine......end of story. :)

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