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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shopping, shopping, Gurney Plaza (26-11-2005)

A nice Saturday morning, 2 of us (My gf and I) are head towards Gurney Plaza. We had breakfast at Island Glades (near the famous Genting coffee shop) and reach the shopping complex at Gurney Drive around 10.00am. This is a special plaza where hard to find parking after 12.00pm. This is why we are there early.

After park the car at the multi-storey car park, we walk into the complex. As all the shop are still closed, the plaza is almost empty. There are only a few workers walking around or setting up the stall before the crowd pouring in.

As Christmas is near, the main atrium is setup in Christmas mood, the candy are hanged up in the air.

Even the fence on the walkway are nicely decorated and lighted up with christmas light.

Top view of the stage at main atrium. It is decorated with a nice candy house with snow covering the roof.

Close up on 1 of the candy floating in the air. All these gigantic candy bring joy to all the kids visiting the complex.

1st mission in the complex, get "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" movie ticket at GSC cineplex. We have to wait for the cineplex to open as they only start their business at 10.30am. Fortunately, there are still plenty of seat available and we got the "couple seat"! Eventhough it is more expensive than the normal ticket, it is worth to get it. :P

After bought the movie ticket, we still got around 2 hours before the movie start. So, we decide to go to the water front to get some fresh air. On the way out from the complex, we saw a huge christmas tree on display. The star at the top are shining brightly and it is lightening every visitor's heart.

While we reach the water front walkway, we found out there are lots of rubbish along the shoreline. This is really bad as there are plenty of rubbish bin along the walkway. This seems like have been a habit of penangites to throw rubbsih anywhere...

The views when we walk toward Tanjung Bungah direction.

The views when we walk toward Georgetown direction.

Construction which has been taking quite sometimes. This has make the traffic very messy but hopefully when it is done, it will bring a better looking to Gurney Drive.

The new taxi station in front of Gurney Plaza. The taxi station looks nice, clean and neat. However, I realize that all the taxi are park outside the taxi station instead of the designated space. This has make the already bad traffic worse.

The sea in the morning are surrounded by mist...

Drive way and walkway towards front entrance of Gurney Plaza. The management has been doing a good job by putting up some divider to create a route to drop down passenger and another 1 to go up to the multi-level car park.

Saturday/Sunday there is always something going on at the atrium of Gurney Plaza. Today, there is "bian lien" show going on...

There is also "Promote Lifestyle" exhibition.

Christmas decoration on top of the stage.

Books exhibition.

After shopping in Gurney Plaza, we went to "Padang Kota Lama" to have a walk.

There is also a car exhibition on going...

The Mercedes logo...


Overview of the car exhibition...

1 of the car which has some special logo on it.

End of story. :P


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i want candy cane... ;p

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