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Monday, October 15, 2007

Japin - Nice Japanese Restaurant in Queensbay Mall

As usual, we had hard time to decide on what to eat. Since we were in Queensbay Mall and I just been brought to this restaurant by my colleague 2 days before, I had suggest to eat at this restaurant - Japin.

The ambience of the restaurant is good, nice setting, comfortable seat and nicely arranged stuff on the table.

While waiting for the menu, as nothing to do, my wife grabbed over the camera and give me a shot.

As return, I took a photo of her as well. After sometimes of browsing through the menu, we had decide our meals and drinks (hot green tea, as usual when we walk into a Japanese restaurant).

Hot green tea served! In a cold situation with air-cond blowing here and there (don't really know where is actually the air-cond blowing), a sip of warm green tea make us feel good.

The 糖水 is served. It is a nice warm white fungus plus lotus seed with some watermelon.

Time to try, of course ladies first.

The nice red watermelon.

Tempura is quite a big bowl and it is definitely value for money.

Another bowl of ramen, forgot the name, but it is nice as well.

When you meet good food, usually this is what happen.......Nothing left. :)

And after you have a good meal, you will definitely feel happy. :)

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