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Friday, October 26, 2007

New Phone!!!! A dedication to Mom and Dad

After so long, Mom and Dad has been using a lousy phone while we kept changing better and better phone (Our little sister has the best, kekeke). As I heard Mom complaining about the battery life of the phone, I was thinking should I go and buy the original battery for them or should I buy a new phone for them?

As Mom and Dad has never get a good stuff, never get a free trip from me, never own a good car, never has chance to renovate the Sg. Mati house......

All the sacrifices they had done for me, and still they are too used to taking care of me. Finally, I decide to get a new phone for them.

Tada!!!!! Here it is, super slim, super light, super powerful phone!!!! Nokia 2630 arrive......with bluetooth, MMS, GPRS, EDGE, radio, camera, video......

Now, Mom and Dad's phone is more powerful than mine. :) And I feel really really good.

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gspoh said...

Nice nice!! :) I have had soo many trips...I move so far away from home...I got myself a super new phone!! I haven't been back for sooo long :(

Thanks for being there for Mom and Dad!! :) makes me really wanna move back, to MELAKA!!!

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