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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bukit Mertajam - Blogger's Cafe

Blogger's Cafe is a new fusion restaurant opened at Kampung Baru, Bukit Mertajam. The outlook of the restaurant looks quite nice and clean, it is just besides the Old Town Restaurant.

There is a long bench set inside the restaurant, we chose one of the table at the end of the bench since we brought our little girl with us. It is easier for her to move around and have fun. The table and chair comes with white marble top, which is my favourite as marble top always give you a clean and nice looks.

Every table has its number and there is a nice looking number plate on top of the table. We chose table number 3...:P

The menu looks nice, but the content is quite similar to the Old Town Cafe. They also provide the ordering sheet for you to write down your order. This is my preferred way of ordering at a restaurant as there will be no waiter/waitress standing beside you with 2 eyes staring at you waiting for the order, which is quite stress for me. :P

The happy daughter sitting at the long bench with mommy......

Tada, here is our order...
1. Hainanese chicken chop
2. Rendang chicken nasi lemak
3. Peanut Butter toast bread
4. Oreo ice blended
5. Honey dew juice

Honey dew juice with ice...
The juice is quite genuine and nice...

Close up on the honey dew juice

Ice blended Oreo!!! This is recommended drink, it is really nice to drink.

Close up on the drink.

Rendang chicken nasi lemak, it is so so only, Old Town's same dish is nicer.

Close up on the drumstick.

Hainanese chicken chop served with fries, nothing much, the taste is ok.

Close up on the chicken.

Close up on the fries.

Toast bread, for so many restaurant I try, I still feel that Pak Hainan's Restaurant is the best.

Overall, Blogger's Cafe is a good choice for gathering as the environment is really good. Food wise is ok, not spectacular.

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