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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kuching - Choon Hui Cafe

This is the first I have been to East Malaysia after living for 30 years. So, as usual, there will be some special food at each destination which is a MUST EAT category.

For Kuching, Laksa is the must try. There is this cafe which sells the famous laksa. We went to the shop early in the morning.

The outlook of the shop...Choon Hui Cafe, the famous laksa stall. The shop is just located opposite the Grand Continental Hotel Kuching, ask any taxi driver and they'll take you there. Do remember to go early as it is selling fast.

This is the stall, and the price....:P

Mom-in-law and my daughter, happily waiting for the laksa.

The stall owner busy cooking the famous laksa.

Really surprise to see this traiditional coffee shop cup, it brings back the memories...

Tada, the famous Kuching laksa...serve with special rice noodle, with some flaky fried eggs and prawns!!!!! The taste is totally different with what you can find in the whole west Malaysia, nyam nyam...Only if this thing can tar pao back, I'll ask my east Malaysia colleague/friends to tar pao for me. :P

Ok, side track a bit, because this is what you'll never see in West Malaysia....:P

Overall, the laksa at this shop is a must try if you are in Kuching (Well, in my opinion. :P)

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