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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kuching - Kolok Mee

For the 4 days in Kuching, we had been searching for a nice Kolok Mee stall. While we thought that we found one and want to try, the shop is closed by noon. =.="

So, at the very last day in Kuching, we tried again to find around the riverside area. While we not able to find any, the nice shopkeeper of the souvenir shop told us where to get it.

Attap street, is where you can find a nice stall of Kolok Mee.

Wife and daughter took a photo as memory...

So, the stall is actually opposite a Chinese temple along Attap Street.

Here is how the stall looks like.

This is the famous Kolok Mee.

And this is how you eat it. :P

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