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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Serdang - Cheras Flat Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles (Branch)

I had never go to famous food in KL or Selangor by intention. However, this time is different, since I went down with my ex-coursemates car (to attend our friends wedding) and I finally own a decent GPS (Garmin Nuvi 255w), it is time to explore...

We stayed at Kajang Country Heights and my friends house is in Serdang, which cause us to pass by this place a few times during the wedding day. Since the place keep showing up in my GPS, we decided to give it a try (my ex-coursemate try it before as well).

This shop is supposed to be a branch of the famous "Cheras Flat Woo Pin fish head noodles", so it is just reside in a coffee shop...

The place is near to South City Plaza (in the road opposite South City Plaza). There is a traffic light and Esso petrol station at the road junction.

This is the coffee shop where you can get the famous fish head noodles.

There is a huge banner hanging on the outside of the coffee shop, so it is not hard to actually notice the place.

The stall is pretty simple, they just setup a cooking area to prepare the fish head noodle, and it is easy to identify them, since they all wear an orange striking uniform. There are 2 chefs cooking the fish head noodles to ensure everyone get their food fast (there are really a lots of people!).

They even frame a newspaper cutting that introduce the place and hanging it on the wall of the coffee shop.

Close up on the chefs and workers...

We actually take away the fish head noodle soup since 8 peoples are waiting for us at Kajang. And I finish it off before I realized I didn't take a photo of it. :P

I'll definitely revisit the place and make sure I take nice photo of it!

GPS coordinates of the shop: 3°1'33"N 101°42'42"E

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