Cari Makan

Thursday, October 15, 2009 is now

Well, I have been thinking about getting my own domain for sometime. Since I already switch this blog to actually note down all the eating places I went to (so that next time I can refer back), I decided to buy a domain. The best thing about is that buying a domain is way so easy. It is an accidental search (while I was boring) that I found out this webpage (allblogtools) which teach all the tips and tricks for the blogger site.

After 2 weeks of consideration, finally I decided to buy the domain MakanCorner. And here it is, the switch of the domain is easy as well and I still get all the blogspot function at it is.

Well, time to go back and sort out the photo for the 5 makan places I went for the past 1 month...hope you enjoy reading the blog.

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