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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kajang - Satay Kajang Haji Samuri

Since I stayed at Kajang for 2 nights, it is really ridiculous if I miss out the famous Satay Kajang.. So, with the GPS setup (MFM map really rocks, I can find it as a POI), and in my friends Hyundai Avante (Singapore plat!!!!), we start our journey to the place.

When we reach the place, I was really stunned, because I never know that a place which famous for satay can actually be a 3 storeys commercial building! It is really huge......

Signboard inside the restaurant...

Their satay menu, you can see that there is lots of choices and the price is reasonable.
They do offer other food like mee goreng and etc......since those are not the main food, I just skip it.

The ordering counter, they have a very good ordering system, where you have to order and pay first (remember to mention your table number). Then they'll deliver your food. Everything is computerised and it works something like those fast food chains.

They even stick the table number to the drinks (only on 1 of the glass). The drinks menu is very limited as there are not much choice, we all order cold sugar cane drinks.

Then, after a while, the satay arrived. We ordered chicken and lamb satay. The size is quite big compare with others, and it was barbecue to perfection, where the outside is a bit crispy, and the meat inside still soft and tender.

Close up on the chicken satay.

Nasi impit and cucumber...standard dish to go with satay...

The satay sauce, it is a blend between crushed roasted peanuts and sugar. It is a bit too dilute to my likings. My friend actually take it like soup. =.="

The red chili sauce come with the satay, it is crunchy and spicy.

The bills......

GPS coordinates of the restaurant: 2°59'36"N   101°47'12"E

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