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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Serdang - Leong Ya Indah Restaurant

Another famous food at Serdang is the "Paper Wrap Chicken", well there are 3 shops there which selling the same thing, but the most famous and delicious is the one hidden at the back. After getting tips from my sister to look for the one without the air-cond and also have a "女" word on the sign, finally we found the shop.

This is the front of the shop, they actually wrapping the chicken at the shoplot besides the restaurant.

Closer look at the signboard, you can see the "女" word. Their "Yong Tau Fu" is famous too...

This is the menu...simple and clear, every dishes also have photo illustration.

Since we got 10 people, we ordered 10 "Paper Wrapped Chicken". From the look, can see that they actually deep fried the whole thing.

Closer look on it, they pre-cut a hole for you to easily unwrap and eat the yummy chicken.

This is how the chicken looks like, it smells good and have a strong soya sauce flavour...

Well, we also ordered the famous "Yong Tau Fu".

The main bowl of "Yong Tau Fu", it doesn't looks very appetizing, but it taste not bad. I still prefer the original "Ampang Yong Tau Fu". :P

After some oily food, here comes the delicious and appetizing soup...

Table full of food......

The fried wan tan come with the "Yong Tau Fu".

Fried egg with vege, taste nice, suspecting no "Ajinomoto" added. :P

As usual, gps coordinates of the shop : 3°1'30"N   101°43'1"E

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