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Friday, November 27, 2009

Penang Abu Siti Lane - Hotbowl Nyonya Delights

Since the first I tried the Kari Mee here, I had always want to go again with my wife. Well, since she is now work in the Island, we found a Friday lunch time and go to test it out.

The restaurant is situated along Abu Siti Lane off Macalister Road. You'll need to turn into the lane through Macalister Road as it is a one way lane.

There are not really a lots of parking lot here, so you might need to make a few round or park further away.

This is the outlook of the shop, it is an old residential house converted into a restaurant. The red color sign is very unique and you'll be able to notice some distance away.

We chose a seat near to the door. At every table, there is a small plaque which spit out the number and a name card of the restaurant. From the name card, you can get the information of the restaurant, the address, phone number, business hours and watch out, it close on Monday. :)

At the other side of the wall opposite our table, there are nice menu's framed on the wall and we can see that there are plenty types of food being served by the restaurant. You'll need to order from the counter, so choose your table and then go to the counter to order your food. I ordered 2 bowls of the famous "white curry mee" and a plate of the "white steam chicken".

This is how the white curry mee looks like when it is served. The different with the other stall is that they don't add in the chili by default, so the soup looks white. The clams looks fresh and delicious......nyam nyam.

Every table have one bowl of the chili ready. It is being capped properly and you can see that the cover is actually cut to let the spoon placed properly.

This is how the chili sauce looks like.

Put the chili onto the curry mee and mixed it up, nice......but beware, it is quite hot, so careful with the portion you add into it.

The "white steam chicken", it is served cold with sesame sauce and having all the bones removed.

Another view...there are some cucumber at the bottom.

Look at the meat, it is delicious and juicy, I can see that every table also have a plate of it.

See? This is the only bones you can find after finish up the whole plate of chicken. :P

The curry mee is so tasty, yummy! We finish even all the soup......

The shop even sell their homemade chili sauce......

Closer look at the chili sauce.

Chef at work, the restaurant is always full at lunch time, so try to be there early. :P

GPS coordinate:  5°25'8"N   100°19'27"E

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