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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Penang Abu Siti Lane - Anba Coconut

If you having lunch around Burma road or Macalister road, leave your stomach some space for the special dessert at Abu Siti Lane...the famous Anba Coconut (water or jelly).

Abu Siti Lane is a one way street, so make sure you turn in from Macalister road. You need to turn in before the Red Rock Hotel.

At the end of the Abu Siti lane, you'll see the Anba Coconut on your left. Be prepare to turn a few round to get a car park.

This is the shop, you can see that it is a small shop with green coconuts place everywhere inside out the shop. If you lucky, you can see the lorry unload the coconuts at the shop. It is really a lot!

Some coconuts place outside the shop.

The just arrived coconut...

There are a few big trash can place around the shop, you can see almost every trash bin almost full with the coconut hull......

I like the coconut jelly, they peel off the outer layer, and do "something" to the coconut, and becomes jelly!

The jelly is transparent and taste really nice and cold, nyam nyam...

Another view from opposite the shop...

GPS coordinates: 5°25'12"N 100°19'30"E

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